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Welcome to Toy Quest, the adventures of my toys. I got this idea one night as I was playing with some Legos. It all started with a Lego shop at home catalog. In it, they had marked some Bionicle toys down and a young friend of mine LOVES Bionicles. I decided to buy him a few things and as I was filling out the order form, I saw a special offer. For $8 I could order a grab bag of $17 or more worth of Lego sets, but I couldn't choose what sets I would get. I decided to order a grab bag and see what I got.

Well, the legos arrived very quickly and I sent my friend his legos and kept the stuff from the grab bag. I had gotten 2 Martian sets and one Soccer goal set. I put them together on a clipboard while I was watching TV with my roommate. She was amused by them. Since I only had one clipboard, I had to put the two martian ships on the board with the Soccer player and his goal. During the commercials, I started goofing off by having the Martians steal the ball and the Soccer player run away in abject terror.

My roommate was very amused. I decided that the antics of my toys might amuse others who visit my websites, so I started taking some pictures with my digital camera of my newest plushie, a Beanie Baby unicorn named Charmer. That's how this all got started. With $8 worth of legos, a camera and a Beanie Baby. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them.

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