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TQ = Toy Quest

Date Added # Update
May 24th, 2005 016 I *FINALLY* finished updating and uploading TQ #2. Enjoy!
Apr. 14th, 2005 015 More basic updating work, such as this page, and some broken picture links. I also shut down the Toy Quest site on Angelfire, linking all visitors there to this site. I also added Toy Quest watermarks to all images here. Smaller images bear only the TQ watermark, while larger ones say " Toy Quest".
Apr. 13th, 2005 014 *Throws confetti* Introducing, my new domain, and AD-FREE hosting by (a birthday present from my family)! I uploaded a basic place-holding index page for the domain and am working on uploading the Toy Quest stories and shutting down my old websites. The first story has been uploaded. I removed the one-picture-per-page format because it seemed too annoying. I may switch to a 10 images per page limit later, though.
Apr. 1st, 2005 013 The work of combining sites continues. TQ #1's revision is complete. I hope the new one-picture-per-page format loads a lot more quickly for those on slower connections and produces far fewer broken links caused by modems timing out. A new Copyright notice has been added to the bottom of the site. (Please note that my Copyright ONLY covers my unique use of words and the pictures I've taken. I do NOT own the Copyrights to the plushies themselves or the characters some of my plushies are made to resemble.)
Mar. 15th, 2005 012 I am working on combining all my sites into 1 ad-free site, which will be coming soon, along with many other features. Work has continued on TQ stories, as well additional site content. It will also be copyrighted soon. :)
Sept. 9, 2003 011 TQ #3 story worked on and last half of TQ #3 pictures cropped. Sorry for the long delay. I just moved (which will be a plot element for TQ #4 and #5) and work has been slow here as I've been working on updating all of my sites and combining them into only 2 sites: Quagthistle's Web and 3CFCBs.
July 2003 010 About half of the TQ #3 pictures were cropped.
March 27-30, 2003 009 TQ #3 & #4 pictures taken.
Mar. 17, 2003 008 Spell Checker was run on TQ #1 and TQ #2. Images for TQ #2 were lightened. Images were added on the main page for TQ #1, TQ #2 , and TQ #3. A link to the next TQ story was added to the end of TQ #1.
Mar. 15, 2003 007 TQ #2 was finished and uploaded. History and Index pages were updated.
Mar. 13, 2003 006 The last set of pictures for TQ #3 were taken.
Mar. 08, 2003 005 The second set of pictures for TQ #3 were taken.
Feb. 27, 2003 004 The first set of pictures for TQ #3 were taken.
Feb. 26, 2003 003 The pictures for TQ #2 were taken and cropped. The first half of the story was written.
Feb. 25, 2003 002 TQ #1 was finished and added. The host site was chosen. The index and History pages were written. The site went live.
Feb. 11, 2003 001 I first got the idea for TQ #1. I took the pictures, cropped and reduced the pictures, and wrote the first half of the story.

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