Charmer's New Friends

"Hello again. My name is Charmer, the Bean-ee Bay-bee. My spot is on the nightstand, next to the lamp and clock." A small pink unicorn says to you with a welcoming smile. Beside her is a jumble of stuffed animals of all sizes and shapes. "Their spots are underneath Pamela's pillows," The unicorn explaines. "Pamela is our person, by the way. Normally I would say that she's our kid, but I think she's a bit too old to be called that."

"Tonight, I'm going to meet Princess Bunny again. I want to explore more of this room I'm in, and Princess Bunny knows everybody here. Dragonite told me earlier today that instead of having to climb him, I could just walk across Pamela's pillow. It's definitely easier this way.

Charmer approaches the looming form of and aged and somewhat ragged pink, stuffed bunny. Plopping her backside down on Pamela's squishy pillow, Charmer calls to the wise old bunny who also hapens to be the Toy Leader over all of Pamela's toys. "Good evening Princess Bunny. How are you tonight?"

"I'm very comfortable, Charmer. Pamela tucked me in when she made the bed. I love it when she does that. My old feet can get so cold sometimes." Princess Bunny admits with a contented grin. "So, what brings you to see me?"

"I was wondering if you knew of some more places I could explore and some more stuffed animals I could meet. I'm lonely." Charmer asked simply. "Pamela was headed out to the store and won't be back for a while, so I'd like to go wandering around."

Princess Bunny smiled broadly, "I know another plushie whom you would probably love to meet.His name is Hissy, and he's a Beanie Babie, just like you. He's a bit older than you, though."

"Wow! I would love to meet him. Where can I find him?" Charmer replied excitedly.

Princess Bunny looked down for a moment, not wishing to dissapoint the little plushie, "That's going to be a problem, actually. His spot is up there." Princess Bunny pointed her right paw at a distant tabletop, showing the fushia repair job Pamela had done so long ago that none of the toys Chaser had talked to seemed to remember a time before she had been stitched.

"That desktop is home to a small group of toys. The problem for you is going to be the difficulty reaching them. " Princess Bunny explained.

"You could get me up there, Princess Bunny. That desk is lower than the net you helped me into last time. You could reach, couldn't you?" Charmer suggested hopefully.

"Yes, I could reach high enough to get you up there, but I couldn't easily walk that long distance. I'm not as young and new as I used to be." Princess Bunny explained wistfully. Charmer couldn't help wondering what Princess Bunny had been like when she'd been young and new. Had she been just as impetuous and curious as Chaser? What kinds of adventures had she gone on? These were questions that Charmer didn't feel it polite to ask. After all, Princess Bunny was a very nice Toy Leader who didn't deserve to have her personal life pried into.

"Do you know anyone else who could get me up there?" Charmer asked when she snapped out of her thoughts.

"As a matter of fact, I do. Her name is Quagthistle, and she's a frog. Her spot is very close to yours. She's wedged between the pillow and the nightstand. If you asked her to give you a ride to the desk and help you up there, I'm sure she would. She's really very nice." Princess Bunny explained, pointing back the way Chaser had come.

"Is she tall enough to get up there? I mean, frogs are little creatures, aren't they?" Charmer pointed out dubiously. That desk looked very high.

"You can never judge a plushie's size by it's species," Princess Bunny declared sagely. "Quagthistle is as tall as I am, not counting my ears."

"Oh," Charmer replied, picturing a giant frog in her mind and hoping that she really was as nice as Princess Bunny said she was. "Thank you. I'll go ask for her help. Have a good evening, Princess Bunny, and I hope your feet stay warm."

"Thanks," Princess Bunny replied with a warm smile. "Good luck to you on reaching the desktop. If you do, say hi to Daz for me."

"Say hi to Daz, got it and will do," Charmer replied with a nod as she turned and headed back across the pillow. The walk was short enough, but what Charmer found when she reached the end of the pillow made her fall flat on her stomach! The crack between the nightstand and pillow was filled with an enormous sea of purple. A glassy black eye looked at her and the mouth, big enough to swallow Chaser whole, crack in a smile.

"Quagthistle? Are you down there? Princess Bunny sent me." Chaser said dubiously.

"I'm right here. Who, may I ask, is calling on me?" Quagthistle's sweet voice questioned.

"I'm Charmer. Princess Bunny said that you might be willing to help me reach that desktop over there, so I came to ask you. She says there's another Bean-ee Bay-bee like me up there. Would you mind helping me out?" Chaser requested with a hint of pleading in her voice.

"I wouldn't mind at all, however, I'm stuck and I can't get out. If you help me get out and help me get back into my spot afterward, I'll be happy to give you a lift over to the desktop." Quagthistle stipulated.

"Great! I'll just... I'll..." Charmer's voice petered off. She couldn't figure out how to help such a massive plushie get out of her spot.

"Just grab one of my back legs and pull as hard as you can. That should pop me out of here." Quagthistle suggested with a smile.

"Okay!" Charmer replied eagerly, grabbing her leg.

Charmer walked off the bottom of the pillow and grabbed the leg Quagthistle stuck out for her. Charmer tugged and tugged on Quagthistle's leg, as Quagthistle wriggled to loosen herself from her spot. With one last big pull, Quagthistle came loose from her spot and landed on Charmer.

"I'm sorry about that," Quagthistle said as she picked herself up off of Charmer and offered her paw to help Charmer onto her massive purple back. "Here, I'll switch places with you."

Charmer chuckled as she climbed up onto Quagthistle's back. "Thanks!"

"Now, you want to hold on as best you can. I'll try to hop low so you don't fall off. Ready?" Quagthistle suggested.

"I'm ready," Chaser called back.

"Then, here we go!" Quagthistle exclaimed as she made her first leap. Even thought Quagthistle was hopping as gently as she could, Charmer still slid around on her back. Charmer's hooves were useless for holding on to Quagthistle's smooth back. When Quagthistle and Charmer reached the desk, Quagthistle extended her legs and stood on her toes, pushing Charmer up onto the top of the desktop with her nose.

"I'll wait down here for you," Quagthistle said as she settled down on the bed to wait for Charmer.

"Thank you Quagthistle!" Charmer called down to her.

Charmer walked across the desktop to a group of toys. She had to be careful not to slide down the angled front of the desk. Charmer looked at each of the toys up on this spot. She couldn't help but notice an ear tag like her own on a coiled teal snake.

"Hi, are you Hissy?" She asked the snake.

"Yesssss. I am. I presssssume that you are a Beanie Babie like mysssself?" Hissy replied, drawing out the 's' sounds with a snake-like hiss.

"Yeah. I came up here to meet you. Are there any other Bean-ee Bay-bees around here?" Charmer asked, looking around at the others on the tabletop.

"Sure, there are a..." Hissy began, but he was interrupted.

"Dearie me! A Brit's among us. Oh, and she's talking to that dreadful serpent!" One of the bears wearing purple dresses said from behind Charmer.

"Susanne, don't be so rash to judge," The other bear replied. Turning toward Charmer, the bear with purple flowers around her ear introduced herself. "I'm Lucy, and this is Susanne." She indicated the bear next to her, who wore a large decorated hat. "We're..."

"Mew! Mew! Mewmewmew!" A pink creature with large blue eyes who was sitting next to Lucy exclaimed suddenly.

"Oh yes, I can't forget Mew. He's a Pokemon. He just said 'Hello, my name's Mew. Nice to meet you.' Friendly, isn't he?" Lucy translated.

"It's nice to meet you, too," Charmer replied.

"As I was saying," Lucy continued, "We're..."

"Woah!" Charmer cried out in surprise.

Charmer was surprised by a tiny, colorful lizard who had leapt onto her head suddenly as she was nodding her greetings to Mew. The lizard climbed over her head and started playing with her ear tag.

"That's Daz," Lucy said darkly. "He's a troublesome little lizard. He loves to climb on others and make noise."

"He's always messing with things," Susanne added with her airy Southern accent. "You should stay away from such commoners."

Daz the lizard climbed down onto Charmer's back. Hissy lifted his head to meet Charmer's confused look.

"Daz is harmlessssss. He'sssss jussssst playful." Hissy excused.

"Ooooh, you're soft. Daz likes you." The little lizard muttered warmly.

"Well, I like you too, Daz," Charmer replied with a smile.

"You'll have to exssscuse hissss behavior," Hissy said appologetically. "It'ssss been a long time ssssincccce we had vissssitorssss up here. Ssssuzanne doesssn't like him very much, and Luccccy tendssss to ignore him. The Pokemon, of courssssse, aren't very good company for anyone but each other, and John Bear up there doesn't sssssay very much. I'm the only one who really undersssstandssss little Daz."

As if to confirm what Hissy was saying, Daz climbed quickly back to sit in Hissy's coils.

"Big Hiss Hiss is Daz's friend!" The little lizard said affectionately, giving the snake a hug.

"It's a pleasure to meet you both," Charmer replied with a smile.

"She's just saying that. She doesn't really mean it." Susanne declared snobbishly.

"Yes, I do mean it," Charmer replied firmly. "Hissy is the reason I came up here. I wanted to meet another Bean-ee Bay-bee like myself."

"Well, have it your way then," Suzanne retorted loftily, clearly aggravated at being argued with.

"Hissy, how long have you been here?" Charmer inquired.

"Oh, I've been here for several years. I was a present. Pamela's mom wrapped me around the bars of her bed to cheer her up one time when she was sick." Hissy explained.

"Are there any more like us?" Charmer asked, looking around the cavernous room for signs of other beanies like herself.

Hissy nodded, "There are a few more like us, but not very many. Most of the plushies I've met in my time here have been unique. Take these two bears here. They were gifts from a friend. Daz was a gift from Pamela's parents, and the Pokemon toys behind me were bought by Pamela herself. The other Beanie Babies are in the other room, so it would be too dangerous for you go after them."

Charmer's face fell. "So I'll never get to meet them?"

Hissy considered this. "I don't think I'd go so far as to say you'll never meet them. Pamela rearranges things often. You'll probably be put with them eventually."

"Then why haven't you been put with the others?" Charmer asked dejectedly.

"I'm made with an elastic band inside my coils. If she were to hang me on the animal chain she has the others on, it would stretch my body out and I wouldn't look right. That's why she keeps me coiled up on her desk with the sand lizard, Daz." Hissy explained brightly.

"Thank you for telling me so much about the others like me. I better be getting back, but maybe I can come up here and visit again." Chaser offered brightly.

Hissy nodded, "Come back any time you want to."

Daz shifted on Hissy's back, calling after Charmer, "Yes, yes, come back soon pinky one."

Charmer chuckled, "I'll try Daz. Take care of yourselves."

With a wave of her hoof to her new friends, Charmer headed back toward Quagthistle and the edge of the desk. Leaning over the edge, she looked for Quagthistle, who was sitting patiently below.

"Quagthistle, how do you think I should get down?" Charmer called to her.

"You could just jump down. I'll try to catch you." Quagthistle suggested simply.

Charmer gulped nervously. "Okay. Here goes!" She replied, closing her eyes tightly and leaping off the desk.

With that, Charmer jumped off of the edge. After falling for what seemed like forever, she landed on something soft and heard a soft grunt from beneath her.

"Your landings need some work, I think," Quagthistle commented kindly.

"Thanks for catching me," Charmer replied earnestly as she got her footing on Quagthistle's back.

Once she was settle, Quagthistle asked, "Ready to go?"

"Yes, I'm holding on as best I can," Charmer replied, trying to keep the quivering of her nerves out of her voice.

Quagthistle tried to keep her jumps shallow as she gave Charmer a lift back to the nightstand. The more Charmer rode on Quagthistle, the more she got used to the way Quagthistle moved around. By the time they got home, Charmer was having no trouble staying on the back of her new friend.

Once they were both back to their spots, Charmer helped Quagthistle squeeze back into her spot. Charmer pushed as hard as she could, but she still suspected that Quagthistle was doing most of the work.

As Charmer took the leap back up to her nightstand, her back hooves slipped on the slippery top surface and she started to fall. Suddenly a soft, webbed foot came up underneath her and lifted her back onto her spot. Charmer settled in and turned to Quagthistle.

"Thanks again," Charmer said softly.

"I should be thanking you. I haven't had the chance to get out and stretch my long legs in months. It was nice to be out of my cramped little spot for a while. I hope you found what you were looking for." Quagthistle replied.

"Yes, I did, thanks to you," Chaser answered sincerely.

"Maybe we can go exploring together again sometime," Quagthistle suggested hopefully.

"I would like that very much," Charmer answered with a nod.

Quagthistle and Charmer wished each other a good night. Charmer had learned a lot in the short time she'd been in this room. Most importantly, she'd learned that friends come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Quagthistle had also learned an important lesson. When you start to think about ways of helping others with their problems, it makes you forget about your own.

The End

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