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Quagthistle's Guide to Subeta
Frequently Answered Questions

Many users who are new to Subeta find themselves with a lot of questions. I know I had plenty when I joined. Below is a list often asked and answered questions.

I'm new to Subeta. How do I get someone to donate to me?
You will have to earn anything you want on Subeta. Asking for donations is against the site rules, not to mention it's very rude.

How do I make sP on Subeta.net?
The quickest way to make sP is through quests. If you are new to Subeta, Quests will also help you get a good idea of how much certain items are worth. If you are playing during the Subetan nighttime, the Cursed Quests are a great place to start, as they are the only sP-giving quest that doesn't penalize you for the time it takes you to get the items, and most of the items can be bought in the Official Shops. The sP payout of Cursed Quests is just as great during the day, but the extra items you get from the quests are less valuable. Another good Quest to do is Maleria's Quests, but absolutely do not ever spend more than 5,250 sP on an item for her, as that is the most she will pay you. Also, do not take a really long time getting the item, as she will dock your pay. If you have been doing the Cursed Quests at night, you will already have a nice stock of items for Maleria's Quests, but if you haven't you'll need to use the search shops link on the left sidebar. Wizard Quests are another good one and are covered below under the "Explain the Zapper" question.

What about quests like Pete, Graveyard, Toy, and Library?
These quests do not give out sP, making them more of a gamble, but they can still be worth doing under certain circumstances. Graveyard, Toy, and Library Quests ask for Graveyard Items, Toys, and Books respectively. If you bring them what they ask for, you get an item back of the same rarity. (Pete gives you an item of similar rarity, sometimes as much as 20+ rarity points higher or lower, and he always asks for food.) Many people ask how much to spend on these quests, but it really depends on the rarity of the item they ask for. To find out the rarity of any item, go to the Search on the side bar and type in the name of the item you want to know about. Then set the menu option next to it to "Items" and click the Search button below it. This will show you a list of items that match the name you typed in and clicking on the link for the item you want will show you information about it. If the information comes up with an odd message about the item being too rare, then the item is between rarity 81 and 95. If your item does not show up, and you are sure you typed the name correctly, then then item you are searching for is over rarity 95, which is very rare. If you can find the requested item for a decent price, it's a good bet. (Do NOT give Pete a rarity 99 item EVER! He's a greedy cheapskate when it comes to rarity 99 items.)

What about quests like Oracle and Shinwa?
Oracle Quests were in the past doable all the time, but they are now availible only to those who get an Oracle Quest Random Event. Completing it rovides you with some sP and a random Oracle Token. Shinwa Quests require you to go around doing other quests to find the pieces of her bracelet. While she sometimes gives you something nice to make your pet permanently stronger or healthier, most of her items aren't really very valuable.

How do I "paint" my pets?
On Subeta, pets are not "painted". Paintbrushes are household items that at the moment serve no function. Pet colors are changed by potions and elixirs. Potions, when used on one of your pets, simply changes the color of your pet to whatever color the potion is. Elixirs, on the other hand, change your pet into the color and species that the elixir happens to be. So if your pet drinks a Lilac Cybill Elixir, it would turn into a Lilac Cybill, even if it was another species and/or color before. Species elixirs (such as a Canis Elixir) will change your pet into a Common version of that species, no matter what species or color it was before, in this case, into a Common Canis. The final way to "paint" your Subeta pets is to use the Zapper, which will be covered next...

Please explain the Subetan zapper?
The zapper can be found by clicking the "Explore" button on the left sidebar and then clicking on the Fair Grounds tent. The zapper costs 5 Wizard Tokens to use, which can be obtained by purchasing them from user shops using the search shops button on the left side bar. The token you need in order to zap is called a "5 Point Wizard Token" and will cost 4,000-8,000 sP each. You can also get these tokens by completing the Wizard Quests found in the Sacred Lands (though if you decide to do these quests, it's best not to spend more than 7,000-8,000 sP per quest). The zapper can be very unpredictable, so don't be surprised if your pet ends up a different gender or nothing happens at all. The zapper is all luck.

How do I "paint" a pet Hydrus color? There's isn't a potion or elixir for it.
In order to "paint" one of your pets Hydrus, you must collect all 9 pieces of the Uncharted Land Map and take them to the Treasure Maps area.

I have a message at the top of my screen saying that I have recieved an "official warning from the Subeta staff". What does this mean?!
Basicly, this means you broke one of the rules on Subeta, most likely through the Shoutbox or Forums. The warning itself explains what you did. If you recieve 5 warnings, you will be frozen. If you have a question about why you were warned, click the Staff link at the bottom of any Subeta.net page and contact a User Admin (such as Miriam2204). They will explain it to you. Do NOT contact Keith, as he's very busy and doesn't handle site discipline. He's a programmer.

How many accounts can I have?
One. You can only have 1 account EVER, so take care of it. And a little side note, don't think you can fool the staff by making multiple accounts. They are a pretty smart bunch, and chances are quite good they'll catch you. If you do have a sibling or someone else who might play Subeta on your computer, be sure to let the staff know or put a note on your profile and don't EVER send items to each other, buy from or sell to each other, or buy tickets or gifts for each other. Such things are strictly against the rules. Make sure you log out of your account when you're done so no one else can pretend to be you and get you in trouble.

What is the Shoutbox?
The Shoutbox is a part of Subeta allowing you to chat while you surf the site. You can find it by going to the bottom of the left sidebar and clicking the "Open Shoutbox" link. The Shoutbox is, in my humble opinion, one of the most entertaining parts of Subeta, often visited by staff, prominent Subeta members, newbies, etc. While it is a lot of fun, it is governed by a VERY strict set of rules which are enforced with sometimes rather extreme severity depending on who is moderating at the time. Be warned that even if you commit a very minor offense like accidentally capitalizing a sentence for emphasis or talking even breifly about a trade you are doing with someone else, you may recieve a permanent official warning instead of a less serious verbal one. Do not assume that you will always recieve a verbal warning first for minor offences. While some moderators understand an occasional slip and will cut you a bit of slack, others will not. Also keep in mind that just because you have seen someone else, even if they are a staff member, doing something that is questionable or a minor infraction without so much as a verbal reprimand, do not assume that you can do so as well. The staff volunteer their time and energy to make Subeta what it is, so they are understandably given a bit more slack. If you are going to use the Shoutbox and value your account, be absolutely sure you read and follow the rules.

How do I change the color of my background on the Shoutbox?
The easiest way is to buy a Gold Account for $5 US or look on the Advertising Forum for someone selling "GAs" or "Gold Accounts" for sP. Having a Gold Account changes your chat background to gold, among many other benefits. The other way to change your background color is to become a Subeta staff member, but this will require a lot of time, devotion, and talent. Artists have a blue background, User Admins (or UAs) have pink, Assistant Admins have red, and Admins have grey.

Who owns and runs Subeta?
Subeta is owned by Keith Kurson and run by the staff, which includes Keith. It is funded by donations (people buying Donation Items and Gold Accounts).

What's in the Blue Building and how do I get in?
No one who has made it into the Blue Building is allowed to tell what's inside, however, the requirements for entrance can be found on the Blue Building page. The requirements are pretty easy to understand, except perhaps for the requirement of having a pet with an overall rating of 100 or more. This means that at least one of your pets must have a combined Strength, Defence, Health, and Level of 100. So a pet that is Level 10, Strength 25, Defence 25, and Health 25 would not be enough (that's only 85) but a pet that's Level 15, Strength 30, Defence 30, and Health 30 would (that's 105). Training your pet is explained below.

How do I train my pets?
You simply go to the Training Center in Riverside Valley. The price of training is based on your pet's level, and you can't train a particular stat if that stat exceeds 2.5 times the pet's level. For example, a pet that is Level 1, Strength 10, Defence 10, and Health 10 can only be trained in Level until it reaches Level 4. Once it reaches Level 4, that pet can train in Strength, Defence, and Health. The cost of training is 45 sP times the level of the pet you wish to train, and training times vary based on the level and strength of your pet.

How do I get more than 5 pets?
If you buy a Gold Account you can have up to 10 pets. Even if your GA (Gold Account) expires, you will still get to keep the extra pets. If, however, you abandon one of those 10 pets while your GA is expired and you still have 5 or more pets you will not be able to adopt another pet until you renew your GA. The only way to get more than 10 pets, at the moment, is to be a staff member.

Can I have more than 4 shops?
Not unless you are a staff member. Four is the limit.

How do I take a plushie or trading card out of my collection?
You can't. Once a plushie or trading card is added to your collection, it's there forever.

How do I change my profile?
Click on "Preferences" on the left side bar and then click on "Your User Page" to reach a page for editing your profile.

My pets are all unhappy and bored! What do I do?!
You can try feeding them and giving them toys, but that's a very expensive way to cure the problem. I suggest the Resort at Veta Lake. If you use the cheapest options, it will fill your pets happiness and hunger over the course of a day or two. While there is no current penalty that I've been able to find for hungry, unhappy pets, it seems heartless to leave them that way, doesn't it? My pets spend the weekends in the resort. :)

How do I build my pets a house?
At present, you can't. The household goods are just for looks.

Do you have a question that isn't covered here? If so, feel free to ask me. I'll be happy to share any helpful information I can. :)