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Cheeseroller is an exciting luck-based game. You purchase cheese and try to roll it down a hill in under a minute. It's an HTML-based game, so anyone can play. Well, anyone who knows what kind of cheese to buy. Check out my list by clicking HERE.

Cliffhanger is a wonderful pointmaking game. It's especially great if you know the answers. I have made up a table which organizes the answers in order of a word code based on the number of spaces in the Cliffhanger Quotes. This makes it very easy to find the right answer when you're playing the game. To see my table, which I update regularly as I play the game myself with this same table, please click here. (Note: I do my best to keep it updated, but keep in mind that this is intended as a help, not a diffinitive guide. Please don't yell at me if there is a typo or error that causes you lose once in a while. I do find errors or problems occassionally, but I do my best to correct them. Please neomail quagthistle if you find such an error and would like to help me fix it. Thanks.)

Poogle Solitare was another wonderful pointmaking game, made even better if if you knew the answer. Unfortunately, TNT caught on to this, and retired the game. (Probably because you could win 750 NP every time and have a chance of increasing your pet's speed or intellegence.) The answer is HERE. Enjoy! :)

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