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Seeds Of Time Online is a browser-based MMORPG. It's one of those "play for a couple minutes a day" type games. I'll explain the major points of the game in this guide.

Job Class: There are currently 3 classes to choose from: Mage, Warrior, or Assassin. Mages have the powers of Magic Spells, but little armor can be worn. Warriors have the ability to wear armor, but their magical abilities are very limited. Assassins are more complicated. They have a couple of special quests and they can weild two weapons at once. They also have a magic spell or two, but their options for armor are as limited as mages. I have a Mage and Warrior. I've found that a Mage is good for skilling, especially mining at the Coal Rocks on Zodiac Island (because my Mage can fend off attacks by Hillside Terrors far better than my similarly leveled Warrior). Warriors are good for fighting, especially in the dungeons (which probably goes without saying). I would imagine that Assasins make good fighters, as well, possibly dealing slightly more damage per round (with the right weapons) at the cost of taking more damage.

Energy & Fullness: Normally, you can only have up to 100 energy at a time (just after you signup is the only time you can have more energy than your energy bar can hold). You will get 10 more energy on the hour, every hour until your energy is full (after which time your 10 energy is wasted), so it's best to check in and use up your energy a couple of times per day. You can see your current energy on the right sidebar (just under your remaining MP) and on the Stats page (linked to on the left sidebar). Another thing you need to know about is Fullness (which you can only see on the Stats page). When you eat food to heal your HP, your Fullness Bar will go up. You can only eat foods that you have enough Fullness remaining to eat. (So if your fullness is 80%, you can only eat a food item that fills you up 20% or less.) Fullness clears back to 0% every 10 minutes.

Mining, Smithing, Fishing, and Cooking: These are currently the only skills in the game. Predictably, Mining provides ores (and sometimes Gems) for the Smithing skill, and Fishing provides fish for the Cooking Skill (though some Cooking items can also be obtained by fighting monsters, such Hops and Cups of Water). The Smithing skill provides weapons and armor, some of which can not be obtained through any means other than making them yourself or trading with other players who can make them. The Cooking skill provides cooked food that can be eaten to regain HP. Typically, Smithing products are one's best means of getting money, and Cooked food is what keeps you from wasting energy at the Healing Fountain when you train (fight monsters). Skills do not succeed 100% of the time (so sometimes you get nothing and receive only half of the experience for each attempt) until your level is far higher than is required. Also, training your skills provides a small amount of normal experience to your character (as opposed to fighting monsters, which provides far more normal experience to your character). As a side note, if you are a under level 10 (level 12 for Warriors), be careful Mining at the Coal Rocks on Zodiac Island. Hillside Terrors randomly attack when you do, so it's better to use the Coal Rocks in the "Secret Chamber" of Atlantis Island's Waterfall Cave for low-level Coal mining. A similar theory applies to high level fishing in the Deep Sea Research Lab. If you are too low-leveled, fish for Cod on Zodiac's Dock. There is a legendary lv. 25 monster hiding in the depths of the Deep Sea Research Lab, though the rest of the monsters you meet heading for the 2 docks are lv 15 or under.

Monster Catching: Monsters can be caught using the creatively named "Catch Monster" spell (which all job classes can learn, and conveniently, you start the game with the needed item to learn the spell). It doesn't succeed very often (though it seems to succeed more often with some monsters than others), but when it does, the monster will join you. You can have a total of up to 10 monsters. Each monster has a special ability that will help you in some way when that monster is selected as your active monster, and most of these abilities are affected by the stats of the monsters (see Monster Natures below). Many monsters also change into more advanced monsters with better skills at certain levels. Also, some monsters are uncatchable (such as the mages in the Corrupt Tower and most boss-type monsters), and some monsters are highly sought-after (such as the Hillside Terror, which provides a +1 Mining bonus). UPDATE: Monsters can now be trained once per day using the Flash minigame "Monster Resort", which, if completed perfectly, gives your active monster 10% of the exp required for your character (NOT your monster) to level up (so if you are level 10, it gives your monster 2,400 exp).

Monster Natures: Each monster also has a "nature" which has so little effect on the monster's stat development that it's really not worth worry about. It gives a +5% chance of gaining a stat point every level for single-stat natures, +2.5% per stat for dual-stat natures. In short, every 20 levels your monster gains, it would theoretically gain an extra stat point due to it's nature. (I tested this theory with a couple of Orbulites. I found that having a "Calm" nature didn't help at all, and by level 8, my "Calm" Orbulite had less defence than any of the others. In short, raising monsters with certain stats is total luck.) For those who might care, here's a list of the monster natures (and which stats they boost) in alphabetical order: Ambitious (Str/Def), Bold (Def/Agi), Brave (Str/Dex), Brilliant (Dex), Calm (Def), Charming (Hp/Str), Clever (Agi), Cowardly (Dex/Agi), Creative (Str/Agi), Generous (Hp/Dex), Honest (Hp), Jolly (Hp/Agi), Lazy (Hp/Def), Modest (Def/Dex), Serious (Str).

Data Tables: Below you will find some data tables for reference. Most of the data for these tables has come from the Seeds of Time Wiki (the most notable exception is the Experience Table, which data I've gained myself because the one on the Wiki was incorrect at the time I wrote this guide).

Experience Levels
(Ex: 250 exp needed at Lv.1 to Level Up)

Skill Data Tables: "Type" is the name of the material. "Lv." is the min. skill level needed (and the skill level needed for a 100% sucess rate). "S%" is the success % at the min. skill level (+ the percentage increase for every level you are over the min.). "Exp." is the skill experience given / normal experience given (cut both in half for each failed attempt). "$" is the value of the material from the inventory page (if sold to an NPC, the shop owner will pay 1/4th of this amount). "Locations" are the places this material can currently be obtained. "Required" is the required materials. "Notes" are extra comments about the material.
(Required is only listed for Smithing and Cooking, while Locations are only listed for Mining and Fishing.)

Fishing Table
Type Lv. S% Exp. $ Locations Notes
Trout 1 (21) 20% (+4%) 10/?* 5g Birth Island, Zodiac Island Worthless, low-level fish...
Orbubass 1 (?) ? 30/?* 5g Orbulite Island Only at the Orbulite Festival (June each year). You can trade 20 for an Orbulite Mask or 50 for an Orbulite Fishing Pole (which gives a +1 bonus to your Fishing).
Cod 5 (26) 20% (+4%) 30/6 5g Zodiac Island Cod, the fish of choice for many medium-level players.
Bass 10 (31) 20% (+4%) 60/?* 5g "Deep Sea Research Lab" B4 on Zodiac Island Difficult to reach, but slightly better than Cod.
Tuna 15 (44) 15% (+3%) 130/?* 5g "Deep Sea Research Lab" B6 on Zodiac Island The best fish availible, however, very hard to reach (may run into lv 25 monster on the way)

* Information Unconfirmed

Cooking Table
Type Lv. S% Exp. $ Required Notes
Cooked Trout 1 (10) 10% (+10%) 10/?* 15g 1 Raw Trout Heals 20 HP and fills 50% Fullness
Cooked Orbubass 1 (10) 10% (+10%) 15/?* 20g 1 Raw Orbubass Heals 50 HP and fills 30% Fullness
Beer 2 (11) 10% (+10%) 20/?* 5g 1 Cup of Water
3 Hops
Heals 5 HP and fills 10% Fullness
Cooked Cod 5 (17) 10% (+8%) 16/?* 17g 1 Raw Cod Heals 50 HP and fills 40% Fullness
Beer-Battered Cod 8 (14) 40% (+10%) 25/?* 18g 3 Beer
1 Cooked Cod
Heals 60 HP and fills 40% Fullness
Cooked Bass 10 (22) 10% (+8%) 25/?* 20g 1 Raw Bass Heals 50 HP and fills 30% Fullness
Cooked Tuna 15 (33) 10% (+5%) 35/?* 25g 1 Raw Tuna Heals 40 HP and fills 10% Fullness
Cooked Salmon 20 (29) 10% (+10%) 50/?* 30g 1 Raw Salmon** Heals 120 HP and fills 20% Fullness
Cooked Catfish 30 (48) 10% (+5%) 200/?* 45g 1 Raw Catfish** Heals 180 HP and fills 20% Fullness

* Information Unconfirmed
** Both "cannot be eaten until cooked over an open fire", and so far as I know, neither are yet available in the game.

Mining Table
Type Lv. S% Exp. $ Locations Notes
Iron 1 (21) 20% (+4%) 10/?* 1g Birth Island, Atlantis Island Used in both Iron and Steel Bars
Orbulore 1 (?) ? 30/?* 5g Orbulite Island Only at the Orbulite Festival (June each year). You can trade 20 for an Orbulite Mask or 50 for an Orbulite Pickaxe (which gives a +1 bonus to your Mining).
Coal 10 (31) 20% (+4%) 50/10 1g Waterfall Cave "Secret Room" on Atlantis Island, Zodiac Island** Used by higher-level players to make Steel Bars.
Gold 15 (44) 15% (+3%) 100/?* 10g Zodiac Island Only used by very high-level players and only for Smithing rings
Gems Any ? ?/? 20g Any Mining Location Gems appear randomly (and rarely) whenever you are mining. If you sell them, do so only to other players (they pay FAR more).

* Information Unconfirmed
** The Zodiac Island Coal Rocks are guarded by Hillside Terrors.

Smithing Table
Type Lv. S% Exp. $ Required Notes
Orbubar 1 (?) ? 30/?* 5g 1 Orbulore Used to smith Orbu Swords and Helms.
Orbuhelm 1 (?) ? 40/?* 70g 4 Orbubars This can be equiped by anyone at any level. Armor: 4
Orbusword 1 (?) ? 80/?* 50g 5 Orbubars This can be equiped by anyone at any level and gives a +1 bonus to all stats. Attack: 5
Iron Bar 1 (10) 30% (+8%) 10/?* 1g 1 Iron Ore Used to smith Iron weapons and armor
Iron Dagger 1 (8) 30% (+10%) 10/?* 15g 1 Iron Bar Attack: 2
Iron Cap Helmet 2 (9) 30% (+10%) 20/?* 20g 2 Iron Bars Armor: 2
Iron Longsword 4 (11) 30% (+10%) 60/?* 80g 5 Iron Bars Attack: 7 (Warriors: Lv 4)
Iron Sickle 5 (12) 30% (+10%) 30/?* 30g 2 Iron Bars Attack: 3 (Assassins: Lv 4, Str 10, Dex 10)
Iron Round Helmet 6 (13) 30% (+10%) 64/?* 70g 4 Iron Bars Armor: 4 (Warriors: Lv 6, Str 8, Def 12, Dex 8, Agi 8, MaxHP 70)
Iron Staff 7 (14) 30% (+10%) 110/?* 100g 6 Iron Bars Gives +4 Agi and +4 Dex, but teaches no spells. Attack: 1 (Mages: Lv 8, Str 8, Def 8, Dex 8, Agi 8)
Iron Platemail 8 (15) 30% (+10%) 120/?* 100g 6 Iron Bars Armor: 4 (Warriors: Lv 5, Str 5)
Steel Bar 10 (26) 20% (+5%) 50/?* 10g 1 Iron Ore
2 Coal
Used to smith Steel weapons and armor
Steel Dagger 10 (26) 20% (+5%) 140/?* 80g 1 Steel Bar Gives a +1 bonus to both Str and Dex. Attack: 4 (Assassins: Lv 8, Str 8, Def 8, Dex 8, Agi 8)
Full Iron Platemail 12 (19) 30% (+10%) 160/?* 140g 8 Iron Bars Armor: 7 (Warriors: Lv 7, Str 14, Def 10)
Steel Cap Helmet 12 (28) 20% (+5%) 300/?* 200g 2 Steel Bars Armor: 5 (Warriors: Lv 12, Str 10, Def 8, Dex 8, Agi 8)
Steel Longsword 14 (30) 20% (+5%) 600/?* 280g 5 Steel Bars Armor: 10 (Warriors: Lv 12, Str 16, Def 8, Dex 8, Agi 8)
Steel Sickle 14 (32) 10% (+5%) 140/?* 250g 2 Steel Bars Attack: 5 (Assassins: Lv 9, Str 10, Def 10, Dex 10, Agi 10)
Gold Bar 15 (44) 15% (+3%) 100/?* 20g 3 Gold Nuggets Used to smith rings
Common Topaz Ring 15* (?) ? ?/? 80g 1 Gold Bar
1 Topaz
Sells to other players for a lot and gives a +3 bonus to Dex.
Steel Round Helmet 16 (32) 20% (+5%) 750/?* 280g 4 Steel Bars Armor: 5 (Warriors: Lv 16, Str 12, Def 10, Dex 10, Agi 10)
Steel Staff 17 (35) 10% (+5%) 600/?* 800g 6 Steel Bars Gives a +3 each bonus to Str, Def, Dex, and Agi, but teaches no spells. Attack: 1 (Mages: Lv 18, Str 12, Def 10, Dex 12, Agi 10)
Common Emerald Ring 18* (?) ? ?/? 80g 1 Gold Bar
1 Emerald
Sells to other players for a lot and gives a +3 bonus to Agi.
Steel Platemail 19 (36) 15% (+5%) 1100/?* 700g 6 Steel Bars Armor: 10 (Warriors: Lv 16, Str 16, Def 10, Dex 10, Agi 10)
Common Sapphire Ring 21* (?) ? ?/? 80g 1 Gold Bar
1 Sapphire
Sells to other players for a lot and gives a +3 bonus to Def.
Full Steel Platemail 22 (39) 15% (+5%) 1400/?* 1200g 8 Steel Bars Armor: 12 (Warriors: Lv 19, Str 18, Def 12, Dex 12, Agi 12)
Common Ruby Ring ? ? ?/? 80g 1 Gold Bar
1 Ruby
Sells to other players for a lot and gives a +3 bonus to Str. This can't yet be smithed (though rubies can be found).
Common Amethyst Ring ? ? ?/? 80g 1 Gold Bar
1 Amethyst
Sells to other players for a lot and gives a +1 bonus to all stats. This can't yet be smithed (though amethysts can be found).

* Information Unconfirmed