Ingredients and Game Coin Recipe
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Recipe NameResultIngredients Comments
Fulguri 5 Game Coins 1 Green, 9 Gold There are better uses for gold than getting Game Coins this way, though this is slightly cheaper than using Sunrise.
Sunrise 3 Game Coins 5 Yellow, 5 Gold There are better uses for gold than getting Game Coins this way.
Crispy Crisp 1 Game Coin 10 Apples In my opinion, this is the best Game Coin Recipe.
Richman 3 Gold 1 Green, 3 Bone, 3 Crystal, 3 Meteor Those Crystals and Meteors make this rather pricey.
Flesh 'n' Bone 2 Gold 6 Eye, 4 Bone If you are in the Jeezara School, this is a good recipe for you. (See School Recipe Chains below.)
(Audepint Exclusive)
2 Gold 3 Yellow, 5 Crystal This is one of the most useless recipes, in my opinion. There are only 2 recipes for Crystals. 1 basically requires 2 gold to be exchanged for the 5 Crystals. The other requires (among other things) 35 Purple Potions, which Potions can only be made by exchanging 9 Gold for 50 of them. The ingredients for this are too hard to come by to make it useful.
Gold Transmutation 1 Gold 2 Green, 2 Yellow, 2 Red, 2 Purple, 1 Crystal, 1 Meteor This is a very good gold recipe, and if you are in the Kachang School, this is your best friend. (See School Recipe Chains below.)
Kalker 5 Meteors 1 Apple, 2 Eyes, 3 Bones, 4 Crystals Crystals and Bones make this unreasonably difficult to use.
Wall Ride 3 Meteors 1 Green, 3 Grain, 3 Apples, 3 Bones This is the best way for non-Kachang students to get Meteors.
(Kachang Exclusive)
2 Meteors 7 Chocolate, 1 Crystal This is quite likely the most useful School Recipe of them all.
Bonashees 1 Meteor 10 Bones Bones are too hard to come by for this to be very useful, in my opinion.
Foundry 10 Crystal 5 Eyes, 5 Gold Those Eyes and Gold could be better used elsewhere. (Using Choc-o-FX, 5 Gold makes 125 Chocolates, which makes 12 Crystals with 5 Chocolate left over. This recipe only makes 10 and requires Eyes, too.)
Faky 1 Crystal 1 Yellow, 1 Red, 7 Purple, 1 Chocolate Making Purples requires Gold (approximately 1 Gold for every 5.5 Purples). Since 1 gold makes 25 Chocolates (which can be used to make 2.5 Crystals), this is really pretty overpriced.
Crystal Maker 1 Crystal 10 Chocolate This is typically used in a chain, and is usually regarded as one of the best Crystal producing recipes.
(Jeezara Exclusive)
3 Bones 4 Purples, 4 Eyes Bones are hard to get (as there is only 1 other recipe for them), so this can be helpful.
Boney M 1 Bone 5 Reds, 5 Wheat If you are not in the Jeezara School, this is your only recipe for Bones.
Clear Sight 8 Eyes 6 Reds, 2 Bones, 2 Crystals Bones and Crystals for Eyes is a bit steep.
Infravision 3 Eyes 4 Greens, 2 Wheat, 2 Chocolate, 2 Apples This is probably the best Eye recipe.
Occulam 1 Eye 5 Greens, 4 Purples, 1 Apple 4 Purples for 1 Eye... Yikes!
Fruitti 2 Apples 8 Reds, 2 Wheat This is the only Apple recipe.
Choc-o-FX 25 Chocolate 1 Gold This is often used in chains.
Choco Lift 3 Chocolate 2 Yellows, 2 Purples, 6 Grain To put this in perspective, this makes just under 1/8th of what the Choc-o-FX recipe does. In other words, to equal the chocolatey power of 1 Gold, this recipe would need 16 Yellows, 16 Purples, and 48 Wheat. It's a tad steep.
Over-chocolated 10 Wheat 1 Purple, 9 Chocolate Chocolate power! =3
Misou 5 Wheat 5 Reds, 5 Purples This is VERY steep... (1 Gold = ~5.5 Purples)
(Gemini Exclusive)
4 Wheat 7 Greens, 1 Purple With so many wheat recipes, this can seem underwhelming.
Wheat-o-mix 3 Wheat 1 Green, 3 Yellows, 6 Reds 6 Reds is a bit high.
Delta Mix 50 Purples 1 Eye, 9 Gold Riiiight... People are going to cash in *9* Gold for 50 Purples... These 50 Potion Mixes all STINK!
Ceta Mix 50 Reds 1 Eye, 9 Meteors Even for Kachange students, that's almost 2 whole gold. These Potions Mixes are CRAZY!
Beta Mix 50 Yellows 1 Eye, 9 Crystals 9 Crystals = almost 4 Gold. I trust I've made my point.
Beta Mix 50 Yellows 1 Eye, 9 Crystals 9 Crystals = almost 4 Gold. I trust I've made my point.
Alpha Mix 50 Greens 1 Eye, 9 Bones No one is EVER this despirate for Green Potions. These are USELESS!