Chizopets Item Index

Chizopets Items were many. Before Chizo was taken down, I found and identified 133 different items on the site. I've arranged them into different sets (oldest listed first) with the number of items of that type in parenthesis. Please choose which type of item you'd like to see from the choices below.

Dynamic Doreen's Dyes (19)

Fantastic Fruits! (4)

Simply Sodas (6)

Ice Cream Parlour (8)

Thirst-Quenching Delights (2)

Halloween 2002 (3)

Ice World Souveneirs (4)

Christmas 2002 (24)

Gargon Soft Toys (5)

Krinket Soft Toys (7)

Bludgy Soft Toys (7)

Candy (9)

Fairily Photograph (1)

Chizzy Day 2003 (15)

Wispie Soft Toys (9)

Unknown (10)

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