The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland Telescript
Started: July 18th, 2003
Last Updated: October 8th, 2003

Hello there and welcome to my second telescript. I have had so many requests for more telescripts that I decided to do another one. I chose this Care Bear special because it's one of my favorites, most especially for the music and the moral lesson of the show. For those of you who don't know, a telescript is a script written from a television show. It may not be perfectly accurate, but it is as accurate as possible for me.

This is a work in progress. Updates will come as often as I have the time and energy. I hope you enjoy it. Well, now on to the telescript.

Table of Contents
Scene 1: Rise and Shine
Scene 2: Has Anybody Seen This Girl?
Scene 3: Alice

~ Scene 1 ~
Rise and Shine

The scene opens with a picture of clouds. The clouds grow redder as the sound of birds can be heard the background. The opening credits start.

Credits: A Nelvana Production

A golden hue begins to seep into the sunrise behind the clouds and the sound of a rooster crowing signals the title to come up with a chime.

Credits: The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland

The chime starts the music for the song "Rise and Shine". The title shimmers and a golden sun appears suddenly behind it as the words of the song start.

Song: It's getting light. The sun is saying

The title fades and the camera angle begins to widen. The sun is shining on Care-a-lot and two star buddies are asleep on a cloud. They wake up and stretch.

Song: Goodbye to the night

The star buddies smile to each other and squeak as they fly off.

Song: And letting a brand new day in.

The star buddies fly over the houses of Care-a-lot and around behind one of the spires of the houses.

Credits: Story by PETER SAUDER

Song: It's warming up.

The star buddies circle around the tower and stop at the shuddered window. One star buddy gestures to the other and the other floats forward. Bitting it's toungue, it forms one of it's points into a hand and knocks soundly. The shudders open suddenly and Share Bear stretches with a sigh, happily taking in the beautiful morning.

Song: Let it shine through you.

The star buddies fly off as Share Bear watches Carealot awaking below her. She starts as she sees the star buddies fly off. They fly away over the houses.

Song: Come and fill your cup.

One of the star buddies knocks on another shuddered window, but nothing happens. It listens closely.

Song: A bear's gotta do what a bears gotta do. Rise and shine

The star buddies open the window and light floods into the room.

Credits: Screen play by SUSAN SNOOKS (&) JOHN DE KLEIN

Song: Get a glow 'cause you know you're gonna shine like the star you are, you are.

Light flows down onto the sleeping form of Tenderheart Bear, who opens one eye in surprise. He shoots a dirty look at the window. The scene changes to another set of shudders which flys open as Good Luck Bear pops out. A newspaper is thrown and Good Luck Bear struggles to make the catch, finally succeeding.

Song: You know, the sun's gonna rise in your eyes. Even though it's kinda bright, it'll light your way

Credits: Songs Written & Performed by JOHN SEBASTIAN

Good Luck Bear looks lovingly downward as gigglys and the sound of a tricycle reveal that Hugs and Tugs threw the paper to him. Hugs is driving, but Tugs waves to Good Luck Bear as they ride past his house on a rainbow road.

Song: To a brand new day.

The picture zooms in on Hugs, who is driving the tricycle, and Tugs, who is pulling out another rolled up paper to throw it. He throws the paper at a door and three glass milk bottle hop up to allow the paper to get to the door without spilling over the jars.

Song: Okay. Everybody rise and shine today.

Tugs smiles and pulls out another paper to throw. He throws it through an open window, right over the head of a red song bird sitting on the sill chirping. The sond bird flies off as the paper flies over it.

Credits: Score by PATRICIA CULLEN

Song: Raise a paw. move a jaw. Well,

The camera pans to show the kitchen of Cheer Beer, who is making pan cakes. She flips the pancake, obviously aiming for a giant pile of like 20 pancakes on a plate next to Brave Heart Lion, who is eating. The flipped pancake lands on his face. He groans.

Song: Hustle just a bit of fur. Give a gurr, that's it, now move a little bit to the left, to the right.

Credits: "Rise & Shine" Performed by NATALIE COLE
Credits: Music & Lyrics by MARIBETH SOLOMAN
Credits: Arranged by MICKY ERBE

The camera goes wide and shows the neighborhood of Carealot, a mix of winding rainbow paths, little cloud cottages, bridges, and trees.

Song: Raise the curtains so the light's coming right your way.

The camera sinks down into the houses and trees, showing that some of the trees look more like cotton candy with peppermint stick trunks. Champ Bear comes into view jogging on one of the rainbow paths. You can here Champ Bear panting as he runs and Tenderheart Bear jogs up beside him. Tenderheart gives him a smile Champ Bear smiles back.

Song: Hey, hey, another day! Rise and shine

Credits: Creative Consultants JACK CHOJNACKI (&) HARVEY LEVIN

The view changes to show Bright Heart Raccoon, using a red hose to water bed of orange flowers. Bright Heart waves to Tenderheart and Champ as they run by.

Song: Get a glow 'cause you know you're gonna shine like the star you are, you are.

As the water falls on some of the orange flowers, they perk up and stretch.

Song: You know the sun's gonna rise in your eyes.

Bright Heart's water suddenly stopps and he looks questioningly at it, muttering "Huh?" The camera shows Lotsa Heart Elephant at the water faucet, standing on the hose, allowing a big bulge of water to build up. He takes his foot off of the hose.

Song: Even though it's kinda bright, it'll light your way to a brand new day.

Credits: Care Bears Character Developement Supervised by RALPH SHAFFER (&) LINDA EDWARDS (&) TOM SCHNEIDER

Bright Heart peers into the hose with one eye, trying to find the reason the water has stopped flowing. He looks over to the faucet and Lotsa Heart is walking *innocently* away, whistling as though he had nothing to do with the hose. Bright Heart looks questioningly and notices with surprise that the hose has spurted water high into the sky as Lotsa bulge reached the end of the hose.

Song: Okay.

The picture changes to show Funshine leaving her home with a sack in one hand. She also has an umbrella in the sack. As she turns to close the door, the blast from the hose pours down behind her.

Song: Everybody rise and shine today.

Credits: Supervising Editor ROB KIRKPATRICK
Credits: Picture Editor EVAN LANDIS

Funbshine notices the water and pulls out her umbrella, which has a red top with pink hearts around the edge. She uses it to avoid the water and walks on.

Song: Rise and shine. Rise and shine. Everybody rise and shine! Everybody rise and shine today.

Credits: Director of Animation JOHN LAURENCE COLLINS

A shop window with a closed screen shows. A hand reaches out and raises the screen. A moment later, Playful Heart Monkey opens the window and steps out with a broom in hand. He is followed by Proud Heart Cat, carrying a box.

Song: Rise and shine. Rise and shine. Everybody rise and shine! Everybody rise and shine today.

Credits: Spervising Producer LENORA HUME

The marketplace can be seen. An orange Care Bear behind a counter is talking with Loyal Heart Dog and Champ Bear stands behind him. Proud Heart Cat comes from behind the camera and sets her box down under the peppermint striped patio. She surveys the marketplace. The camera pans across and we see Cozy Heart Penguin, Share Bear with her back to us talking to Tenderheart, True Heart bear with a puul along cart, and Secret Bear. Lotsa Heart Elephant is under another awning across the market (which has a giant heart painted on the cloudy ground. A clock that looks like the caring meter can be seen on one of the cloud buildings, the one with green trim. As the camera continues to pan right, Treat Heart Pig can be seen carrying a box. Behind her Bright Heart Raccoon is talking to Gentle Heart Lamb across a green counter under and green and yellow striped awning. A red bird flies by over head.


Song: Rise and shine. Rise and shine. Everybody rise and shine! Everybody rise and shine today.

The angle changes and the red bird flies over the head of Brave Heart Lion standing with two other Care Bears or Cousins. Funshine walks toward them, still holding up her umbrella on the sunny and beautiful day. The bird flies off toward a house, probably the only which still has anyone inside it.

Credits: Director RAYMOND JAFELICE

Song: Rise and shine. Rise and shine. Everybody rise and shine! Everybody rise and shine today.

Friend Bear pushes a wheelburrow down the path in front of a house with open shudders. The bird flies up and lands on the sill.

Song: Rise and shine. Rise and shine. Everybody rise and shine! Everybody rise and shine today.

The music fades as the bird sits in the sill chirping happily and loudly, doing and cute little flutter of it's wings as it chirps. A sound of snoring is accompanied by a view of Grumpy Bear lying in bed sleeping soundly, undisturbed by the chirping. The bird chirps harder, flapping the wings as it tries to wake Grumpy, who groans and turns over, pulling the pillow over his head and pushing it against his ears. The bird shrugs as Grumpy settles in and descides to fly off. Grumpy resumes his snoring. A ticking sound comes from the bedtime clock as Grumpy's bedside mirror shimmers strangely. Suddenly it jumps off the table with a grunt, shimmering ever more. It hits the table again and the face of the white rabbit comes into view. The rabbit grunts s he tries to pull himself from the mirror, but he gets stuck halfway through. The mirror is too small for him to get through, so he turns to the sleeping Grumpy Bear.

White Rabbit: Oh, excuse me...

BRIIIIIIIING! The alarm clock goes off.

White Rabbit: Oh! No! [He catches the alarm clock and looks at it.] Oh, no, I'm late! I'm late!

Grumpy Bear: Hmmm, Noisy Clock! Waah-Aaah! [He says in frustration as he trows his pillow at the clock and the White Rabbit who was holding it. Grumpy didn't see the rabbit.]

Feathers fly everywhere as Grumpy gets up and heads to the bathroom. The clock continues to ring under the pillow. Grumpy flips on the light, shielding his eyes as he says "Ouch!" He stumbles over to the vanity. The White Rabbit, complete with a feather in his mouth, comes irritably into view. Grumpy still doesn't see him and yawns tiredly, barely opening his eyes. The rabbit is annoyed and spits the feather out of the side of his mouth and crosses his arms at Grumpy Bear.

Grumpy Bear: Oooh, do I look rough this morning!

Grumpy still isn't fully awake and he open the vanity to retrieve his toothbrush and toothpaste. The White Rabbit is swung around into the wall and exclaims as he goes.

White Rabbit: Just one... [CONK!] Ooooff!

The White Rabbit still hasn't registered to Grumpy Bear. He starts to brush his teeth and brings the door of the vanity around. The White Rabbit is rubbing his nose and still groaning from his rough greeting. Grumpy's eyes are closed as he brushes his teeth and he *still* does not realize that the White Rabbit is there. The White Rabbit puts an arm impatiently on the frame of the vanity, waiting for Grumpy Bear to see him. Grumpy picks up a cup to rince out his mouth and strats to gargle. His eyes are slowly opening to his surroundings. The White Rabbit drums his fingers and rolls his eyes as Grumpy starts humming and sloshing the water around in his mouth. Suddenly, surprised, he sits the water all over the White Rabbit, wide-eyed at his mirror-invading visitor. The White Rabbit is soaked and looks none too happy about it. Grumpy gulps nervously.

Grumpy Bear: Uh, Who-oo-oo [bubbles come from his mouth as he says it] are you?

The White Rabbit starts to pull himself from the mirror, causing sparkles to flow outward around him.

White Rabbit: No time for questions. No Time!

Grumpy Bear cringes away from the rabbit, as the rabbit yells at him.

White Rabbit: Help me out of here. [Grumpy stepps forward and takes his hands] On three. Ready? One... Two...

Grumpy Bear and the White Rabbit fly away from the mirror, tumbling into the Living Room with resounding crashes, yelps of pain, and booms. The camera follows to find Grumpy Bear with an orange wastebasket covered in yellow stars on his head. He is sitting on the White Rabbit's chest, who is laid out on his back on the floor.

Grumpy Bear: Three. Alright! [Grumpy pulls the wastebasket off of his head] Who are you and what do you want?

White Rabbit: Ooh! [White Rabbit jumps up, sending Grumpy Bear flying] I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!

The White Rabbit quickly pulls out a very large pocket watch and checks the time. He dashes off as Grumpy Bear still struggles to get the Wastebasket off of his head. He finally pries it off and his head and drops it to the floor as he dashes after the White Rabbit. The White Rabbit is opening the front door of Grumpy's House, ready to dash out, as Grumpy Bear yells after him.

Grumpy Bear: Come back here Mr. Late!

White Rabbit: No time! No time! Nooo time!

With that, the White Rabbit dashes out, leaving the front door open. Grumpy dashes out after him and closes the door behind him. The next scene shows the White Rabbit dashing down the road, The brown fence going along beside the dashing rabbit is just a blur.

White Rabbit: Oooh! I'm so late!

Grumpy Bear finally catches up to and tackles the running White Rabbit.

Grumpy Bear: Hey!

The camera angle changes to show a group of Care Bears and Cousins coming to a crossroad. Brave Heart Lion is in the lead with a picnic-like basket. Lotsa Heart is behind him and to the right and also has a basket. To the left and lined up behind Brave Heart are Swift Heart Rabbit, Tenderheart Bear, and lastly Good Luck Bear. They are smiling and seem ready for a good day and possibly a nice picnic. Brave Heart is even whistling happily. Cries ring out as the White Rabbit, with Grumy Bear in his wake, collide with the group, sending everyone flying.

Brave Heart Lion landed on Tenderheart. Lotsa Heart landed to the left of them and Good Luck to the right of them. The White Rabbit pops out from behind Tenderheart and Brave Heart as moans still sound from the collision victims. The White Rabbit shakes himself off.

White Rabbit: Where can she be? Uhn. [The White Rabbit jumps up and turns to the moaning Care Bears and Cousins with pleading hands.] Does anyone know the whereabouts of my neice, one Swift Heart Rabbit, by name?

Somehow the pile of fallen Bears and Cousins has been rearranged. Lotsa and Good Luck are in the same general places, though closer to Brave Heart than before. Brave Heart Lion, however is now on the ground with True Heart Bear laid over the top of him. Tenderheart Bear has dissapeared momentarily. (Perhaps he needed a restroom break and True Heart stood in for him... *grin*) Grumpy Bear is on top of them. Swift Heart pops her head out from under Grumpy Bear and sends him flying as she looks around.

Grumpy Bear: Do-Ouch!

Swift Heart Rabbit: Someone call?

White Rabbit: Swift Heart! Thank goodness I found you!

Swift Heart leaps from the group of fallen Care Baers and hugs the White Rabbit.

Swift Heart Rabbit: Uncle! *Giggles* What brings you all the way from Wonderland?

White Rabbit: What brought me here? [He reaches into his pocket and retrieves a picture. He shoves it in Swift Heart's face. It's a beautiful girl on a throne.] She did! Her! You and your friends must help me find this girl... or else. [The White Rabbit's ears dropp as he sadly thinks of what will happen if they can't find the girl in the photo.]

Brave Heart Lion: Or else what?

Brave Heart and the others get up, brushing themselves off.

White Rabbit: Or else an evil wizard will take over all of Wonderland, and everyone there will be forced to *gulp* obey him.

All the Care Bears and Cousins say things to each other like, "Oh no!" and "That's terrible!" Brave Heart Lion steps forward and takes the picture from Swift Heart to look at it.

Brave Heart Lion: But what can this one little girl do to stop him?

White Rabbit: There's no time to explain now! [The White Rabbit paces nervously.] First, we have to find her... if we can.

The White Rabbit moves sadly off and Brave Heart Lion raises his fist in determination.

Brave Heart Lion: You can count on us! [He says to the others, pointing off in another direction] Let's go find her! Chaaaaaaarge!

Brave Heart dashes off with the others close behind him. Lotsa Heart sends the White Rabbit spinning around, but he recovers and dashes off after the Care Bears and Cousins.

White Rabbit: Wait for me!

Grumpy Bear: [He moans while walking after the others and rubbing his tummy.] What about breakfast?

~ Scene 2 ~
Has Anybody Seen This Girl?

The scene changes and the music starts for the song "Has Anybody Seen This Girl?". It starts with a blue sky and five cloud cars, each with one occupant, swoop through the sky.

Song: We got to care together, got to use our minds.

A picture of a city below them shows the Cloud Cars swopping down and scattering in all directions. One Cloud Car flies past a carnival.

Song: We got to find this girl, and there's not much time. We got to travel light. We'll go from place to place asking everybody have you seen this face.

Good Luck approaches and boy and girl at a zoo. He shows them the picture, but they shake their heads, saying that they haven't seen her. Good Luck shows the giraffes, too, but they shake their heads to say they hasn't seen the girl either. Good Luck looks discouraged and walks away.

Song: Has anybody seen this girl? She's so young and small. Has anybody seen this girl?

The scene changes to a Candy Store with two kids sipping drinks sitting inside. Tenderheart walks in with a picture and shows it to them. They look intendtly at it before shaking their heads and returning to sipping their drinks.

Song: She's about this tall.

Next we see a red mailbox with a farm boy walking up to it. The red mailbox bulges and Lotsa Heart Elephant's face pops out, holding a picture of the girl in his trunk. The farm boy shakes his head. A cloud car flies overhead.

Song: We might have to look all over the world. Has anybody seen this girl?

The Cloud Car flies over an ice-covered region. An eskimo child stands outside of an igloo. Brave Heart Lion, blue and shivering from the cold, holds out a picture of the girl. The child shakes his/her head. Brave Heart Lion looks very cold and has snow covering him and his hand that hold the p[icture. He looks frozen.

Song: Here's a little picture, or a quick reminder.

The next scene shows Tenderheart nailing and picture of the girl to a telephone pole. A cloud car flies through the sky, scattering pictures of the girl, which float downward.

Song: I'm hoping you might have a clue.

A kangaroo jumps through an arid region (presumably of Australia). Her pouch bulges and she looks down in surprise as Swift Heart Rabbit pops out of her pouch, holding up a picture of the girl. The kangaroo shakes her head.

Song: Does she look a little bit like someone you know?

A Russian stands in a snowstorm and Grumpy shows him a picture. He shruggs and shakes his head. Next, a moose is sniffing the picture of the girl, held up by Grumpy Bear. A Canadian mounty pops out of a nearby bush with a Canadian flag in one hand and binoculars in the other. The guy looks at the picture through the binoculars.

Song: Does she look a little bit like you?

A girl is sunbathing while floating on a red inflatable raft near a tropical beach. Grumpy pops out of the water to show her the picture, which looks somewhat like her, but not very much. The girl sits up suddenly, losing her shades into the water, and looks at teh picture. She shakes her head.

Song: Has anybody seen this girl?

Three Cloud Cars fly off into the tropical sunset. Next, we see Good Luck Bear showing the picture to a Dutch girl. She shakes her head.

Song: She's so young and small.

Swift Heart Rabbit is trying to ask a British guard, but, of course, there is no responce from him. She is jumping up and down with the picture, though. A for effort.

Song: Has anybody seen this girl? She's about this tall.

The Eifel Tower is next. A French man strides forward and is met by Tednerheart Bear, who is holding up a picture of the girl. The man looks breifly at the picture and shrugs. Tenderheart shows the picture of the girl to a a sombrero-wearing, siesta-taking Mexican, who shakes his ornate sombrero in a very cute and comical little shake.

Song: We might have to look all over the world. Has anybody seen this girl?

Two Cloud Cars fly over the Egyptian Sphinx, who shakes her head. The Leaning Tower of Piza pops up, followed by the Seattle Space Needle. Next, Swift Heart Rabbit is showing the picture, in an upside down shot, to an oriental boy in a beautiful garden. There is a gong with a dragon, an ornate bridge and house, and the boy is wearing a conical flat straw hat. The oriental boy shakes his head. The next shot shows Tenderheart showing the picture to some aliens - cute little green floating critters with yellow eyes and spots. There are several planets overhead and a little saucer behind them. The aliens shakes his/her head.

Song: Has anybody seen this girl?

A girl with blond braids shakes her head. Then a punk-boy with a moehawk does too. Grumpy, disheartened, lets the picture fall to his side and moves off as the song ends. He groans as he climbs onto a park bench with the picture limply in his hand. A boy is already sitting there eating a chocolate bar.

Grumpy: Hmph!

Boy: Hey! I know her.

He points to the picture in Grumpy's hand with a smile. Grumpy Bear jumps up in surprise.

Grumpy: What?! [He holds out the picture for the boy and points to it.] Where can I find her?

The boy points to the house across from the bench.

Boy: That house right over there.

Grumpy: [Leaps down, leaving the boy somewhat surprised by his eagerness.] Thanks!

Boy: [As Grumpy runs toward the house pell-meel, the boy calls after him.] Her name's Alice!

~ Scene 3 ~

The scene changes to a girl's bedroom. There is a dresser with a picture frame, a hair brush, and a small green jewelry box. Beside the dresser is a full length wood-framed mirror with a young girl primping in front of it. She's trying to get her hair to do unusually unnatural things.

Alice: Oh Dyna! Do you think if I wished hard enough, I could just like the Power Girl or the Polkadot Pirate?

She holds her hair up in a weird style. Dyna, a blue kitten with outstretched claws, attacks a stack of magazines and pictures of famous people with funny hair styles. Alice fastens her hair in place and looks hopefully at it.

Dyna: Meow!

Alice: Even for a little while?

Her hair flops down over her face and she groans dejectedly.

Alice: What's the use? They're such special people! And I'm... well, I'm just me. Ooooh!

She shakes her head, clearing the hair from in from in front of her face, allowing it to resume it's normal, simple style. She turns to Dyna with her arms up in defeat.

Alice: Oh Dyna!

Dyna: Meow!

Dyna emerges from under the chair and sits on the magazines, looking up to Alice.

Alice: It doesn't matter what I do!

Alice fastens her hair back with a rubber band and flops down the big red easy chair beside the mirror.

Alice: I'm just not... special.

Dyna tries to jump up on to the arm of the chair, but misses the jump and struggles to climb up. Alice reaches down and helps her.

Dyna: Meow! Mrowl! Meow! Mrrarr!

Dyna rubs on Alice happily, who cheers up and giggles at her kitten's caring. She rubs faces with Dyna.

Alice: Aww.

Dyna: Meow!

The open window has pink curtians around it. They are still at first, but stir as a stiff breeze blows in. Alice and Dyna are still enjoying each other's company as the sound of a wooden windchime sounds while the curtains blow more wildly. Dyna's tail swishes one last time before she settles down on Alice's lap.

Alice: Aww.

The curtains are blowing more wildly now. A rainbow suddenly shoots into the window, forming a sparkling bridge. Alice is startled and sits up so suddenly that Dyna flies off her lap. The White Rabbit comes down the bridge roughly, bouncing on the floor and landing in a pink baby buggy.

White Rabbit: Whaow-umf!

Swift Heart Rabbit is next and comes down with arms outstretched, landing on her feet.

Swift Heart Rabbit: Wheee!

Alice is VERY surprised, to say the least. I guess Care Bear Cousins don't come falling through her window every day. Grumpy Bear comes down next, hitting the floor bum first and bouncing.

Grumpy Bear: Whoa! Ouch! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

Grumpy lands painfully next to Swift Heart Rabbit and the White Rabbit, who is just now clambering out of the baby buggy, which seems to have shrunk rapidly from when he landed in it. Alice recognizes her visitors with a happy face. She rises to greet them.

Alice: Why, you're the Care Bears!

Grumpy and Swift Heart smile and wave to her. The White Rabbit is still working to free his foot from the baby buggy and nearly falls off screen in his struggle.

Grumpy and Swift Heart: Hi!

Finally freeing himself, the White Rabbit starts forward sternly.

White Rabbit: Now, now, no time for pleasantries!

Dyna is still laying on her back, whee she landed when she got thrown from Alice's lap. She looks rather aggrivated at the new visitors. Dyna's opinion of the visitors just gets worse as she has to scramble away to avoid being stepped on by the White Rabbit.

Dyna: Meeeeowr!

Dyna hides behind a surprised Alice. The White Rabbit walks up to her to look more closely at her.

White Rabbit: This is serious business! [Looking through his spectacle at her] Hmmm, the resemblence is remarkable. [He circles her, looking at her. Dyna moves away from his big clumsy feet.] But the rest, the clothes, the hair... [He lifts a clump of her hair, which she irritably smoothes back down, giving him a somewhat dirty look. He returns it.] I don't know. It's hard to tell.

Swift Heart walks up and Grumpy, holding a picture of the Princess, protests.

Grumpy: Oh, what do you mean? She looks just like the girl we've been searching for.

Alice: [Fed up with being talked about and not to] Wait a minute! What girl? [Cringing, Swift Heart and her uncle retreat] My name is Alice.

Grumpy: Well, Alice, you look just like the Princess.

He walks over to Alice to show her the picture. She takes the picture from him to look at it.

Alice: Princess? *Gasps* Why she's beautiful!

White Rabbit: Hmmmm, I'm not sure. I'm not sure she's special enough.

He's standing in front of the mirror and Swift Heart plops in Alice's chair. Her smile fades as she hears what the White Rabbit has to say. Evidently neither her nor Grumpy expected the White Rabbit to be so hard to please.

Grumpy: We're running out of time!

White Rabbit: You're absolutely right! She's perfect! She'll do.

The White Rabbit dashes quickly over to push Alice toward the mirror. Grumpy shrugs to Swift Heart, whose smile returns as she watches the White Rabbit cooperate for a change.

Alice: Do what?

Swift Heart: Take the place of the Princess of Wonderland until the real Princess comes back.

Swift Heart jumps down from the chair.

Alice: Me? *Laughs* But I'm the last person in the world thatcould pretend to be a Princess!

White Rabbit: But you are the only person in the world that looks exactly like the real Princess.

Swift Heart: If you don't take her place, the eeeevil wizard [Makes funny face that looks kind of like the wizard] that kidnapped her will be crowned king!

Swift Heart cringes at the thought. The White Rabbit blubbers behind Alice, putting a hand over her face at such a terrible thought.

Grumpy: Then he'll drive everything that's wonderful out of Wonderland!

The White Rabbit breaks out into tears, pulling a hanky out. Alice looks to him in concern.

Swift Heart: I beg you Alice [He says between tears] only you can save my... [He cries on her shoulder] home!

Recovering slightly, the White Rabbit blows his nose loudly, keeping an eye on Alice as he does. Swift Heart looks expencatly at her. The White Rabbit comes over to her with pleading eyes, as well.

Alice: Well, I.. I couldn't go alone.

Swift Heart: [Jumps happily] You don't have to, Alice!

Swift Heart bounds over to the rainbow. Her and Grumpy stand on either side of it as she gestures to it.

Swift Heart: [Gesturing to Grumpy] Grumpy?

Grumpy sticks his paw in his mouth and whistles loudly. Tenderheart descends, landing on his feet in the center.

Tenderheart: We're ready!

Good Luck Bear slides down onto his feet behind Tenderheart, to his right, near Swift Heart.

Good Luck: And willing!

Brave Heart Lion slides down onto his feet behind Tenderheart, to his left, near Grumpy Bear.

Brave Heart: And able!

The sound of Lotsa Heart Elephant's trumpeting trunk doens't seem to give good enough warning to everyone, for a moment later, down comes Lotsa, taking everyone down under him or sending them flying. The Rainbow retreats behind him.

Lotsa Heart: That's the truth!

Alice laughs, picking up Dyna in her arms. The White Rabbit grunts, looking at the pile of Care Bears thorugh his analytical spectacle.

Alice: Well, if you really want me to... [The White Rabbit smiles to her] I'm willing to try!

Everyone jumps up and down cheering, while Alice smiles modestly.

Brave Heart: Let's get a move on!

Brave Heart gestures toward the door and starts walking. Everyone except Alice and the White Rabbit starts to follow. The White Rabbit is still jumping up and down in excitement.

White Rabbit: No time to lose! No time!

Tenderheart: Come on everyone!

Alice moves to follow Tenderheart out the bedroom door. The White Rabbit jumps into the sparkling mirror.

White Rabbit: Let's go!

Alice sets a saddened Dyna on the bed and starts to follow the Care Bears. Grumpy and the others walk past the door, but Grumpy is distracted by teh cookies, since he's had no breakfast, after all. He sniffs them appreciatively and lifts the napkin off of the top of the tray.

White Rabbit: Hey!

The White Rabbit's call from the mirror startles Grumpy into tossing the cookie in surprise, which thonks his head as it flies off. The White Rabbit sticks his head out of the mirror to the utter surprise of the rest.

White Rabbit: Not that way, this way!

Grumpy puts his hands behind his back innocently as the White Rabbit emerges from the mirror to guide the others through.

White Rabbit: The mirror's faster.

Tenderheart: The mirror?

The White Rabbit shoves him into it quickly. Good Luck and Alice line up behind him. Good Luck and then Brave Heart go into the mirror.

White Rabbit: Watch your step. We haven't much time.

Dyna: Meow?

Swift Heart: [Realizing that Grumpy is lagging behind for cookies.] Grumpy, come on, we're late!

Grumpy: [In surprise, drops the cookies.] Wha?

He breifly glances down to the cookies in dejection. Alice waves from the mirror to Dyna.

Alice: Bye Dyna!

Dyna: Meow?

White Rabbit: Hurry!

Swift Heart: Come on Grumpy!

Dyna looks into the mirror after Alice while the White Rabbit and Swift Heart persuade Grumpy to leave the plate of cookies.

Grumpy: *grumbles* Okay, okay!

Dyna reaches a paw out to touch the mirror. A fuchia lightning bolt shatters the mirror and scares Dyna. All three are blown backward by the fuchia light and rush of power. All three land with a thind and grunts. Evil eyes look out of the mirror's glowing at them. In fear, they watch as the mirror cracks and shatters into many peices.

White Rabbit: Oh no! Oh dear! Oh my!

Dyna is now on the White Rabbit's head, between his ears. All three approach the broken mirror peices and look at them in despair.

Swift Heart: Is everyone okay in there?

Brave Heart and Alice look out from the many peices.

Brave Heart: Yeah! We're all right!

White Rabbit: This is the work of the evil wizard. It no use... It's a...

Grumpy gasps and Dyna is falling from the White Rabbit's head because of his swift and jerky movements. Dyna moves forward on his shoulder, trying to get to Alice.

Dyna: Meow! Mr! Meow!

The White Rabbit plucks Dyna from his shoulder.

White Rabbit: No use! With the mirror broken, we can't in and you can't get out.

Alice puts her hands on the glass, looking to Dyna. Dyna reaches back.

Alice: What do we do now?

Dyna: Meow!

White Rabbit: Don't worry! I know another way in. Try to make your way to Heart Palace. We'll meet up with you there.

Alice: All right!

Brave Heart: Heart Palace! Hurry!

White Rabbit: Hmm. [Sets down Dyna on bed and turns back to Grumpy and Swift Heart] Now that the wizard knows we're coming, he'll stop at nothing to stop us from stopping him from becomming king!

Grumpy: In other words?

White Rabbit: Alice is in deep trouble.

Dyna: Meow! Meowl!

To Be Continued (Maybe)...
Total Time Covered - 11:27

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