UK Shorts
These were donated by: Matthew
These were formated by: Pamela
Thursday, February 13th, 2003
10:50 AM (CST - USA)

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An old lady is sitting at an outside table on a porch with an open umbrella, drinking a cup of something. She wears reading glasses for reading a newspaper that is on a table. A young girl appears, giving a picture of a flower to an old lady she has drawn and colored.

GIRL: This is for you; I made it.

OLD LADY: (looking at a picture of a flower) A present? Well it’s not my birthday.

GIRL: I know. I just felt like giving you a present because you’re such a nice person.

OLD LADY: Thank you dear, it’s lovely.

An old lady turns to her right, seeing Share Bear, who enters wearing a painter’s uniform with her right paw full of paint brushes.

SHARE BEAR: (to a young girl) You don’t need a special occasion to show someone you care about them. (giving a young girl a paint brush with a yellow bow from her tummy symbol) Remember...

We see an old lady showing a picture of a flower, a young girl, and Share Bear (look like smiling for taking a picture)

SHARE BEAR: ...showing someone you care paints a happy picture.

Grumpy Dad

A boy comes to his father who is sitting on his arm chair in the living room with two puppets on his chair feeling down on a rainy day.

BOY: Dad?

FATHER: What is it, son?

BOY: (giving his a father a quick hug who hugs back) I though you might need that.

Then a boy turns his back, placing a green puppet with yellow hair and mustache on his left hand.

BOY: (ventriloquize) I thought you’d like a hug, too!

FATHER: (chuckling and smiling) You know, I really do. (holding up a pink puppet with dark green hair and mustache on his right hand) Hey, what do you say we put on a play with your puppets?

BOY: Sure.

While they do that, Share Bear appears.

SHARE BEAR: Remember, reminding someone that you care can brighten even the gloomiest day.

Share Bear then smiles, giving a boy a wink and blowing a kiss. The boy turned to Shear Bear with a smile.


A boy and a girl sit on a bench on the side of the street with a garbage can near by on the sidewalk. Each has a bicycle leaning on a tree on both side of the bench. A boy on the right finishes his snack bar and throws it away to his left on the grass.

GIRL: Hey!

A boy reacts with alarm.

GIRL: What are you doing?

Close-up of a red crumpled paper labeled “ca”.

BOY: What do you mean?

GIRL: You wouldn’t throw litter in your neighborhood, would you?

BOY: No, but this isn’t my neighborhood.

GIRL: So – it’s somebody’s. (walks over to a piece of paper to where the boy has thrown)

Both turn to see Share Bear (riding on her bicycle ringing a bell) towards them.

SHARE BEAR: That’s right – no one like to see trash in their neighborhood. So care about every neighborhood like it’s your own. Picking up trash is never a waste.

A girl tosses the paper to a boy.

BOY: Right. (throws it into the garbage can labeled “TRASH”)

All three smile that a boy has made a two-point shot.


Close-up of a green popsicle-for-two on the counter on the kitchen. A boy and a girl grab a stick (girl in her left hand and boy in his right) and fight for it. They’re greedy.

KIDS: (unison) It’s mine!

GIRL: Let go – it’s mine!

BOY: No it’s not – it’s mine!

They pull the popsicle until it breaks. They let go of it or drop it on the kitchen floor.

KIDS: (unison) Aww...

Turning to their left, they see Share Bear entering the kitchen on her skate board wearing complete safety equipment.

SHARE BEAR: If you had shared it in the first place, you’d both have some now. Let’s share this one.

Share Bear created a popsicle-for-three from her tummy symbol.

GIRL: Yeah!

All three each have one of each. Share Bear has one in her left paw, and with their smiles the kids split it carefully (girl in her hand and boy in his left).

SHARE BEAR: Remember, sharing is a sure way to keep cool.

Stage Fright

“Acre Public School Presents Space Tale” takes place in the auditorium (with basketball hoops on both sides of it) for the school play. Zoom in to the girl, dressed as a whatever it is I can’t describe, peeks out at the murmuring audience. Cut to behind the curtain.

GIRL: I’m really nervous.

She then turns to a boy, dressed as a star. A kid, dressed as an astronaut, walks by, reading over the line for the play.

GIRL: Feel like I have butterflies in my stomach.

BOY: I felt the first time like that when I was in front of the audience, too.

GIRL: You did?

BOY: Yes. And to tell you the truth... (places his hand on hers) I still do. But we’re both gonna be great, right?

GIRL: Right.

SHARE BEAR: (dressed as a space ship, enters) Remember, helping someone by sharing your feelings makes you feel like a real star.

Kids smile and place each hand on Share Bear’s paws – girl’s right on right and boy’s left on left.


A piece of paper labeled “HOT DOG” flutters across and empty ball park. A boy named Tommy stands at the home plate wearing a baseball player’s uniform with a number “7" on his shirt, holding a baseball in his right hand, and wearing a baseball glove on his left. Share Bear, wearing a baseball cap, slides over to Tommy.

SHARE BEAR: Hi Tommy, did you win today?

TOMMY: Nah, we lost again.

SHARE BEAR: Gee, that’s too bad. But did you have fun playing?

TOMMY: Well sure, I really like baseball.

SHARE BEAR: Well then, if you have fun, that’s all it counts.

TOMMY: You’re right, Share Bear – thanks. (tosses the ball to Share Bear who catches it with her paw)

SHARE BEAR: Try your best and have fun, (tosses the ball back to Tommy who kept an eye on it over head and catches it with his glove) and you’ll never strike out.

Both smile and embrace on one side.