Soapbox Derby
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Wednesday, February 12th, 2003
7:22 PM (CST - USA)

Tenderheart is looking through (Wishbearís?) telescope.

Tenderheart: Oh my. Oh my my. Ohhh my my my.

Share Bear walks up to him.

Share: Do you know what Tenderheart Bear?

Tenderheart: Itís a disaster weíre doomed.

Share: Whatís the disaster?

Share looks into the telescope, she doesnít see anything.

Share: I canít see anything.

Tenderheart: Thatís just it, Iíve got to warn the other Care Bears.

Changes to crowd of Care Bears listening to Tenderheart.

Tenderheart: And the entire Earth is dark, thereís no light anywhere.

Champ: What can we do!

Cheer: Maybe itís Professor Cold Hearts fault.

Goodluck: This is terrible!

Share: Withought light we canít see who needs help.

Cheer: Tenderheart Bear is right, Withought light we can't see who needs cheering up!

Bedtime Bear wakes up Bedtime: Withought all this noise I might get some sleep, (yawns) Has anyone seen my blanket oohh there it is.

Bedtime Bear rolls, grabs the blanket and returns to sleep.

Tenderheart: Bedtime Bear!

Tenderheart looks through the telescope than Champ does.

Champ: Oh boy, a race!

Share looks through telescope.

Kids can be seen working on racers.

Share: Looks like those two girls could use a bit of help.

Trisha damages the racer.

Trisha: Kathy weíll never make it, this cars a piece of junk.

Kathy: I know but itís all weíve got Trisha, at least we built it ourselves.

Trisha: Yeah but are you gonna admit it.

Kathy: Let me help you.

Kathy works on the car, then Willis and Benny walk by.

Willis: Whereíd you get that car girls, out of the trashcan.

Benny: You better put it back before it falls apart.

The two boys laugh.

Kathy: You think your so funny Willis Carter.

Willis: Not as funny as you two will be when you get that hunk of junk on the track, right Benny.

Benny: Right Willis.

Willis and Benny walk off.

Kathy: That car is nicer than my fatherís car.

Trisha: ItĎs probably faster too. Oh Kathy, we donít have a chance. Willis and Benny win every year.

Kathy: Maybe this year will be different.

Scene changes to trial run.

Flagman: Kathy, Trisha. Itís time for your trial run.

Kathy and Trisha push their racer to the starting line.

Flagman: Ready, Set. Go.

The trial run begins.

Kathy: Yahoo.

Trisha: Let me know when itís over.

Tenderheart watches from above. As wheel comes loose.

Tenderheart: Uh oh. Theyíve got trouble. Get the cloud mobile ready. Hurry.

Champ and Cheer arrive in a cloud mobile.

Cheer: Ready!

Champ: Are we gonna race to?

Tenderheart: Just to help those girls. Lets go.

Back in the race.

Kathy: Iím having trouble steering. See whatís wrong Trish.

Wheel brakes off.

Trisha: Itís nothing. Just the front wheel coming off.

Care Bears arrive and Tenderheart replaces the wheel with a heart.

Kathy: Hey, thanks.

Wheel is replaced (mid race).

Kathy: Who are these guys?

Trisha: Are you in the race?

Tenderheart: You just drive. Weíll explain later.

Race ends.

Trisha: And thanks for helping us.

Kathy: Yeah. You really saved us.

Tenderheart: Your welcome. Weíre the Care Bears. Iím Tenderheart Bear and this is Cheer Bear. This is Share Bear and this is Champ Bear. We came to help you.

The racer breaks.

Scene changes to a garage where they work together to build a new racer.

Champ: Weíll stay and help. I wanna see you race. Vroom.

Car sound.

Kathy: Thank you but the finals are this afternoon and we couldnít possibly get the car together in time.

Trisha: Besides whatís the use. Willis and Benny have the fastest car. Weíll could never win.

Champ: Some things are more important than winning.

Trisha: Like what?

Champ: Like being a good sport. And doing the very best that you can.

Share: Kathy really needs your help Trisha.

Trisha: I guess we could try.

Care Bears cheer. The car is fixed. Willis and Benny pass by.

Willis: Hey. No fair having help on your car.

Kathy: Listen here Willis Carter. You donít talk to me about fair. Your father bought you your racer.

Kids laugh.

Willis: Iíll fix them. We got work to do.

Willis and Benny work on traps.

Willis: Hurry up Benny.

Benny: How come weíre doing this Willis? We got the fastest car.

Willis: It pays to be sure. Besides Iím gonna teach those girls a lesson theyíll never forget.

Traps are set up. Care Bears watch.

Champs: Theyíre cheating. Somebody could get hurt.

Tenderheart: We wonít let anyone get hurt. Lets get the Care Bears.

Scene moves to the race itself. Some Care Bears and Care Bear cousins can be seen in the crowd. Race starts.

Tenderheart: Come on Care Bears. The girlsíll need our help.

Care Bears jump into cloud mobile.

Champ: We arenít going to help Kathy and Trisha win. Our we?

Tenderheart: No. That wouldnít be fair. But we have to do something about the dirty tricks those boys played.

Racer follows arrow pointing in the wrong direction.

Trisha: Follow him.

Kathy: That wasnít the way before. Oh well.

Kid drives into a giant haystack.

Share: Oh, Fudge. Kathy and Trisha are going the wrong way.

Share conjures up giant ice-creams to block the incorrect path. Kathy and Trishaís racer skids over it and ice-cream lands on them. Trisha licks some off of Kathyís helmet.

Trisha: Umm. Peach vanilla.

Kathy: Ice-cream. Thanks.

The girls wave to the Bears.

Willis: Somebodyís gaining on us. Not for long.

Willis brings up rope. Kid drives into it and is wrapped round it.

Tenderheart: That rope!

Trisha: Look out.

Tenderheart throws a heart that snaps the rope.

Willis: Those girls are gaining on us.

Benny: What do you expect me to do about it?

Willis: I thought you said this was gonna be easy.

Benny: They wonít make it through the oil.

Girls head towards oil.

Trisha: The oil. Weíre heading right for it. Oh no!

Cheer Bear places a rainbow bridge over the oil. The girls pass safely over.

Willis: I canít believe it. Those girls made it. Over a rainbow bridge.

Benny: A what? Thatís okay. Thereís no way they can get past the hole.

Willis: The hole?

The boys crash into the hole and are flung into the nearby pond.

Boys: Whoo!

Willis: Help! Help!

Share: We have to save them.

Tenderheart: It looks like somebody else is already doing that.

Trisha: We can win now. We can win.

Kathy: No. we canít leave Willis and Benny.

The girls stop to help the boys. A crowd cheers them.

Benny: Thanks for saving us. I, Iím sorry we cheated.

Willis: What we did wasnít right. You should have won.

Tenderheart: In a way, Kathy and Trisha did win.

Champ: Thatís right. Youíve shown people what it means to be real champs.

Champ makes a trophy and hands it to Kathy. The crowd cheers.

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