Lucky Charm
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Wednesday, February 12th, 2003
7:31 PM (CST - USA)

Proudheart is standing near a tree in the forest of feelings. There is a cake on a table nearby.

Proudheart - Lovely Lovely (purrs). There is nothing like a tidy tree.

Playfulheart appears and plays around.

Huh, Playfulheart, no! Playfulheart, you know that Goodluck Bear and Tenderheart Bear will be here any minute an-

Goodluck and Tenderheart arrive in a cloud car.

They're here! Oh please excuse this mess, I was tidying up when Playfulheart, huh, P-layfulheart.

Playfulheart runs off with the cake.

Playfulheart, you know I baked that cake for our company today. Why I have never seen such disgraceful behaviour.

Tenderheart - Proudheart!

Goodluck - Playfulheart.

Braveheart strolls into the scene.

Braveheart - Care Bear cousin alert. Tenderheart Bear, Goodluck Bear. I'm so glad you're here, I've been looking at Earth through the Rainbow River and well come and see for yourselves. As you can see there's a little girl on Earth who thinks that sees unlucky.

The Carebears look at Earth. Milly is leaving her house for school.

Milly's Mum - Hurry up Milly your late for school again.

Milly - All right mother ohhhggh.

Milly slips and loops in the air.

Ohhh! Darn just more of my bad luck.

Goodluck Bear - Bad luck. There's no such thing as bad luck, is there?

Tenderheart - Of course not!

Several boys follow Milly.

Charlie - There goes Jinx Jacobs. Lets follow her for some laughs.

A car splats mud onto Milly.

Milly - Ohhhhhhhh!

Boys - (Laughs) Jinx Jacobs strikes again. (Laughs)

Milly - What's wrong with me?

Braveheart Lion - Well Care Bears, Care Bear Cousins it looks to me that Milly could use a little help.

Playfulheart Monkey - What are we waiting for, lets go!

A boy rides his bicycle into the school playground.

Jimmy - Hi Charlie. Hi guys. How do you like my new bike.

Charlie - Pretty neat Jimmy. Can you do any tricks?

Jimmy - Sure. Watch this!

Jimmy does a bicycle trick.

See, no hands.

Milly - Ohhh, nooo!

Jimmy is about to crash into Milly.

Jimmy - Look out!

Jimmy's bike is damaged in the crash.

Boys - Jinx Jacobs, Jinx Jacobs, Jinx Jacobs.

Inside the classroom.

Teacher - Now children, if you had 10 apples and I gave you 10 more, what would you have?

Milly enters the classroom late.

Charlie - If you gave them to Jinx Jacobs you'd have apple sauce.

Children - (Laugh)

Teacher - Mildred Jacobs. You have been late once again, report to the principal's office at once.

Milly walks towards the principal's office. The Carebears are on the scene.

Milly - Gosh I am sooo, unlucky, I bet I'm the unluckiest person in the world, I bet I'm the unluckiest person in the whole universe.

Proudheart - Maybe she's right.

Tenderheart - Hello we're the Care Bears.

Proudheart - And the Care Bear Cousins (purrs).

Milly - I'm Milly Jacobs but you can call me Jinx, everybody else does.

Tenderheart - Milly. Don't you know there's no such thing as bad luck.

Milly - Maybe not if you're a Care Bear but there is if you're a little girl, black cats runaway when they see me coming. Ohh! Goodluck Bear, maybe, ohh! Do you think that you could give me a lucky charm.


Goodluck - Well I think that's a fine idea.

Goodluck gives Milly a box.

Milly - Ohh! What's in the box, Goodluck Bear?

Goodluck - Milly, there is something in this box that will change your luck forever.

Braveheart - But you must not open it until you have our permission.

Milly - Ohh, no. I won't open it but will the charm work?

Braveheart - Milly, you can do anything now if you try.

Milly - Thank you Goodluck Bear, thank you all. Ohh! This is the happiest day of my life!

Milly walks off.

Goodluck - When Milly opens this box, she's going to be very very surprised!

Tenderheart - There she goes!

Goodluck - Let's wish her luck!

Milly is outside. She walks towards Jimmy who can be seen fixing his bike.

Milly - If you really are my lucky charm, then help me now! Hey Jimmy, let me help!

Jimmy- You! No Way! Ahh. Hey, no way! You'll break it again!

Milly - No I won't! Please Jimmy!

The Carebears are hanging around by the swing watching Milly.

Tenderheart - I can't stand it! I'm going to help her!

Goodluck - No! She's got to do it herself!

Milly fixes the bike.

Milly - There, you just couldn't see the axle and I'm sorry I broke your other wheel.

Jimmy - Thanks. And uh, it was kinda my fault too Milly.

Milly - It's working. My lucky charm is working.

Milly heads towards some children. They are balancing large blocks.

Girl - Look out! Here comes the Jinx!

Children - Huh!

Braveheart - She needs some courage. I'm going to help her.

Tenderheart - Goodluck Bear's right. If Milly has to have our help, she'll never, believe in herself.

Milly balances the blocks.

Children - Oh right.

Milly - You really are lucky! (To box)

Charlie - Ah that don't mean nothing. She's still a jinx.

Kid - That was just an accident.

Milly - Just an accident? We'll see about that!

Milly heads towards a human pyramid. Charlie is attempting to get to the top.

Boy - Come on Charlie try again!

Charlie - Nobody could get up there!

Milly - I can!

Girl 2 - No! Go away!

Milly climbs to the top.

Boy 2 - No Jinx! You'll make us all fall down!

Goodluck - You can do it Milly, if you think you can!

Charlie - She'll never do it!

Milly has reaches the top.

Children - Hooray! Hooray for Jinx!

Milly - Thank you. But my name is Milly.

Milly spots the Carebears on the way to school the next morning. The Carebears are in a cloud car.

Milly - Oh! I'm so happy to you all again. Goodluck Bear, may I?

Goodluck - Yes Milly, you may open the box now.

Milly - Oh, I bet that it's, I bet that it's-

Milly opens the box.

It's a picture of me?

Braveheart - That's right Milly.

Tenderheart - The best kind of luck is the kind you make yourself.

Milly - Oh! I see, I just had to believe in myself!

Proudheart - And be proud!

Braveheart - And be determined.

Goodluck - And you are your own lucky charm.

Milly - Oh, Care Bears, Care Bear Cousins. The luckiest thing that ever happened to me, was meeting you. Thank you! Thank you all! But I really have to go now or I'll be late to school!

Milly runs off with Jimmy to school.

The cloud car takes off into the sky.

Braveheart - Care Bears, Care Bear Cousins. I really think that Milly is gonna be all right.

Tenderheart - Well Care Bear Cousins, I hope it's not too late for Goodluck Bear and myself to continue.

Proudheart - Of course! I don't think that Playful Heart finished all the cake.

Tenderheart - Look, there's Milly!

Goodluck - I think that any day you find a new friend is a specially lucky day.

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