The Care Bears Movie
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Wednesday, February 12th, 2003
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Children: Bless all the people young and old, for they are yours to love and hold, and bless Mr. And Mrs. Cherrywood, amen.
Mrs. Cherrywood: Good night children, sweet dreams.
Child #1: Mrs. Cherrywood? Isnít Mr. Cherrywood going to tuck us in?
Mrs. Cherrywood: Oh, heíll be along, donít you worry.
Mr. Cherrywood: I hope Iím not too late.
Mrs. Cherrywood: Theyíve been asking for you.
Child #2: Mr. Cherrywood!
Children: YAY!
Mr. Cherrywood: Look sharp everyone. Watch the bouncing balls. Alrighty here we go. A one, a two, a three and there. Thank you, thank you and thank you. Now off to sleep to dream of clowns and circuses, acrobats and jugglers. And remember, I want a full report in the morning.
Child#3: Story Mr. Cherrywood, story?
Child#4: Please, the one about the circus.
Child #5: Please?
Mr. Cherrywood: Well, alright, just one story.
Child #3: Story hat, story hat!,,,,,Yay!
Mr. Cherrywood: This is the story of 2 young children named Kim and Jason and how they were helped by a group of very special friends. The Care Bears. You see, the Care Bears have a very special mission. And that mission is to help everyone share their feelings with others. The Care Bears live in a magical place called Care-A-Lot.

The Care Bears Movie
Introducing the Care Bear Cousins

(Care-A-Lot Theme)

Friend: Ouch!
Secret: (whispers into Friendís ear)
Friend: No Secret Bear, I donít think it was the cloud mobileís fault. Hi, Iím Friend Bear, and this is Secret Bear. Weíre Care Bears.
Jason: What do you want?
Friend: Only to be your friends
Mr. Cherrywood: You see although Kim and Jason were warm and loving children they had been so hurt when their parents went away, they had decided never to love anyone, just in case, they too went away. Kim and Jason felt they didnít need anybody, but the Care Bears knew better.
Friend: Everyone needs friends, Jason. Even you and Kim.
Kim: Weíre not your friends.
Jason: How do you know our names?
Friend: We know a lot of things about you. Kim reads a lot of books and wants to be a nurse when she grows up. And Jason, you want to be a jet pilot.
Jason: Yeah, howíd you know that?
Friend: Friends are supposed to know about each otherís hopes and dreams.
Secret: (whispers to Friend)
Friend: Secret Bear says not to worry. No one can keep a secret like Secret Bear.
Jason: Well, Iíll tell you about people who you care for. They always let you down.
Kim: So weíd rather not have any friends. Donít trouble yourselves.
Mr. Cherrywood: While the Care Bears tried even harder to make friends with Kim and Jason, Tenderheart was on his way to help a boy who wanted friends more than anything else in the whole world. Nicholas was a magicianís helper. He had never had a friend in his life.
Fettuccini: Hey! Close the door!
Nicholas: Whoowhoooaaaa!! I-I didnít mean it.
Fettuccini: You never mean it, Nicholas. I bought that trunk thinking there was some old junk in it I could use in my magic act. Now half of itís broken. Oh, what am I going to do with you. Every time I give you a simple thing to do, its boom this and crash that.
Nicholas: Iím sorry Mr. Fettuccini.
Fettuccini: Enough of your sorries. Check that new trunk and see if thereís anything left I can use in my magic act. I have a show to put on. Perhaps one day I will teach you how to make an audience love you, but right now, youíre next to hopeless.
Nicholas: Ohhhh. I wish, Iíd give anything to find a way to get people to like me.
Book: Anything? Nicholas.
Nicholas: Whoís there? Who said that?
Book: You did say, anything?
Tenderheart: Oh gosh.
Mr. Cherrywood: Tenderheart was trapped. He needed some Care Bear reinforcements. But unfortunately, they were busy with their new invention.

(Back in Care-A-Lot)

Share: With this Rainbow rescue Beam, we can send a Care Bear anywhere in the whole world in a matter of seconds.
Birthday: Or Bring them back again in case of an emergency
Share: Weíll be able to help people share their feelings a lot quicker.
Grumpy: We gotta get it working first, Care Bears, and then we still donít know if itíll work until we give it another test. How come Iím always the one fixing things around here?
Share: Because you never complain, Grumpy bear. (giggles)
Grumpy: Aha, I think I know why the first test didnít work. This little star got stuck in the gears.
Share: Now thatís what I call star stuck, Grumpy Bear.
Grams: Has anyone seen Baby Hugs and Baby Tugs? I canít find them anywhere!
Birthday: Weíll help you look, Grams Bear. We can help test the rainbow rescue beam, later.
Grumpy: That Baby Tugs is probably just getting into mischief somewhere.
Hugs: Whatís this thing Tugs?
Tugs: Its not a thing, Hugs. Itís a-aaa Thingamadooie.
Hugs: You know everything, Tugs. Whatís it do?
Tugs: It makes-aaa. Bubbles. Square Bubbles!
Hugs: Square Bubbles? Wow-wee! Make Square Bubbles, Tugs!
Tugs: Any special color?
Hugs: No Square Bubbles, Tugs. Not even round ones. You broke the thing!
Grumpy: Baby Hugs! Baby Tugs! What have you done?
Birthday: Its obvious, Grumpy Bear. They got the Rainbow Rescue beam working.
Grumpy: But we still donít know if itíll transport anyone.
Share: Look!
Cheer: Oh my stars! They brought visitors. What are they doing here?
Friend: We didnít bring them. They just came along. Someone brought us here.
Grumpy: I knew it. Baby Bear mischief.
Bedtime: What are we gonna do about the children?
All: (discussion among all)
Jason: Hey, could we say something? Where are we?
Funshine: Oh, weíre terribly sorry. Bears?
All bears: Weíre the Care Bears!
Kim and Jason: More friends?
Funshine: Welcome to Care-A-Lot.
Friend: Come on, weíll give you a tour.
Jason: Ok, but weíre not gonna like it.
Kim: Ow!

(Song: Nobody Cares Like a Bear)

Mr. Cherrywood: Haha, well thanks to the Care Bears, Kim and Jason remembered how good it was to have friends who cared. Their troubles were over. But as for Nicholas, his real troubles were just beginning.
Fettuccini: (humming)
Book: Nicholas, Nicholas
Nicholas: Who are you? How do you know my name?
Book: I am a spirit, Nicholas. Your friend. I know many things. Almost everything.
Nicholas: Everything?
Book: I know how you can earn more friends.
Nicholas: Really? How?
Book: With... magic
Nicholas: Magic?
Book: No, not like his magic tricks. Real magic. Magic that can make your fondest wish become true.
Nicholas: Y-y-you mean you could use magic to get people to like me?
Book: No, but you could. All you have to do is undo the lock.
Tenderheart: (whispering while hiding) No donít.
Fettuccini: Hey! What are you doing in there?
Tenderheart: Iíve gotta stop this.
Fettuccini: Nicholas! Nikki? Eh-hey, are you ok in there?
Book: Read this.
Nicholas: Ga Zork! Wow! Did I do that?
Book: You can do a lot more.
Fettuccini: Hey, Nikki, open up. The door is stuck.
Book: Read, read.
Nicholas: Ish-Kabibble
Fettuccini: Hey Nicholaaa, (falls asleep)
Book: Go ahead, open it.
Nicholas: Hey, it worked. Your spell worked.
Book: Well done, Nicholas. Heíll be in a deep sleep only long enough for you to take over his magic show.
Nicholas: B-b-but I-I couldnít.
Book: Yes you can. You must. This is your chance to show that you are a greater magician than he. They loved him for his magic, theyíll love you for yours. Iíll help you.
Tenderheart: Nicholas! This isnít the way to make friends.
Nicholas: Who are you?
Tenderheart: Iím Tenderheart, a Care Bear, your friend.
Book: Friend? Where was he when you needed him?
Tenderheart: What matters is, Iím here now, when Nicholas needs me the most.
Book: Arhhhggh. A-hahahahaha. See Nicholas? Magic can do anything you want it to.
Nicholas: Hey! Neat!
Tenderheart: Magic isnít the answer, Nicholas. Your feelings can help you find the true answer.
Book: Donít listen to him! There are dozens of children out there, waiting to see your magic.
Nicholas: Theyíll love me just like they loved the Great Fettuccini. I know all his tricks. Iím not doing anything wrong.
Tenderheart: He wonít succeed. The spirit doesnít care about him... but I do!

(at the magic show)

Nicholas: And now, the amazing Nicholas will pull a dove out of his hat.
Audience: Ooh.
Book: (moves around and does some magic)
Nicholas: (water is squirted out of the hat)
Audience: HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!
Book: (chuckles)
Nicholas: Stop it!
Tenderheart: Oh, I knew this was going to happen.
Nicholas: Make them stop laughing. Make them stop!
Book: Only you can do that... Here, teach them a lesson.
Nicholas: a-a-a lesson?
Audience: (more laughing)
Audience Kid #1: Come on! Make us laugh!
Book: One theyíll never forget!
Nicholas: Zimma-Zot, Radditot,
Tenderheart: Nicholas, NO!
Nicholas: Kazort-Ni!
(Audience starts hitting each other and being rude)
Book: Now they know how you felt all your life without a friend in the world. Now they feel nothing.
Tenderheart: Nicholas! What have you done?
Nicholas: Only what they did to me. They deserved it.
Tenderheart: No, Nicholas. Please, listen.
Book: Quick, Nicholas.
Nicholas: Nix-Bix-Stix!
Book: This is only the beginning.
Tenderheart: This is a job for all the Care Bears.

(back in care-a-lot)

Children: (giggling)
Jason: Weeeeeee!!!!
Wish: Jason, Kim! Wait Ďtil you hear this! (trips and falls) Ohhhhh!!!!
Children: (More giggling)
Friend: Look Secret Bear. Wish Bearís got her head stuck in the clouds again.
Wish: Now whereís my star-o-scope?
Grumpy: Looking for this?
Wish: Oh, sorry Grumpy Bear, but Iím in a hurry. Iíve got great news for Kim and Jason. Iíve spotted...
Grumpy: Look!
Friend: Tenderheartís rainbow roller is out of control!
Wish: Oh no!
Tenderheart: Whoa! (falls out of rainbow roller) Quick! Run for cover. Itís coming! Brace yourselves.
Friend: Whatís coming?
All: Whooaaa!!!
***(Cloud quake)***
Kim: Everyone ok? Cheer Bear?
Cheer: I think so.
Grumpy: Too bad we canít say the same for Care-A-lot. Look.
Kim: Oh no!
Friend: Everythingís broken, faded, ruined.
Funshine: Tenderheart! Tenderheart! The Caring Meter has dropped, 2 whole points!
All: (gasps)
Love-A-Lot: A lot of people must have suddenly just stopped caring.
Kim: Oh, what couldíve caused that?
Tenderheart: The same thing that caused the cloud quake. A boy named Nicholas is being taken over by an evil spirit.
Jason: An evil spirit?
Kim: So what happens when the Caring Meter drops to zero?
Love-A-Lot: No one in the world will care anymore.
All: (gasps)
Secret: (whispers to Kim)
Kim: And the end of Care-A-Lot?
Tenderheart: I think thatís exactly what the spirit has in mind.
Wish: (gasps) Oh my gosh! I forgot. Iíve sited parents for you at the orphanage. They want to adopt you both!
Cheer: Congratulations Kim and Jason.
Tenderheart: Come on Grumpy. Letís warm up the Rainbow Rescue Beam. Kim and Jason have to get back, in a hurry!
Kim: Hear that Jason? Parents.
Jason: Yeah, I thought weíd never have parents.
Kim: Yeah.
Jason: B-B-But Kim,
Kim: I know Jason, our friends, theyíre in trouble.
Tenderheart: Kim! Jason! Weíre ready! All set?
Kim: No! Weíre not going back to the orphanage. Weíre going to help you.
Jason: Yeah.
Tenderheart: But you have parents... waiting.
Jason: Weíve made up our minds.
Kim: You showed us how to share our feelings, and thatís just what weíre going to do.
Tenderheart: Yeah? Really?
Kim and Jason: Yeah.
All Care Bears: Ya!!
Tenderheart: Alright, our first mission is to go to Earth and find Nicholas. Friend Bear, Secret Bear, you head down with Kim and Jason. Weíll follow.
Tenderheart: (takes key out of ďpocketĒ) Hold on to this Jason. Donít lose it. Itís very important.
Jason: Donít worry Tenderheart. I wouldnít lose it for nothiní.
***Kim, Jason, Secret and Friend get into the Rainbow Rescue Beam.***
Tenderheart: Alright, Champ Bear, Funshine, youíre next.
***Another cloud quake***
All: Whoa!!!
Grumpy: Oh no! The Rainbow Rescue Beamís jammed. They never made it to Earth.
Tenderheart: What do you mean? Where are they?
Grumpy: Theyíre lost! Somewhere between here and Earth.
Wish: What do we do now?
Grumpy: We canít follow them.
Tenderheart: And the evil spirit said this was just the beginning.
Book: Hahahahahaha!

(Back in Earth)

Mr. Cherrywood: As Nicholas continued to cast the spiritís evil spells, more and more people stopped caring.
Nicholas: Hahahahaha. Everyone in this town has friends, but soon they will be all just like me. Friendless!
Mr. Cherrywood: As this wave of uncaring grew, so did the storms around Care-A-Lot. The Care Bears were trapped; Cut off from the Earth and any chance of rescuing Kim, Jason, Secret Bear, and Friend Bear. The cloud quakes had broken the Rainbow Rescue Beam, but the Care Bears would never give up. Thatís what made them think of the river.
Care Bears: (jump into a boat)
Good Luck: Good luck Care Bears!
Grams: Weíre counting on you!
Mr. Cherrywood: No one in Care-A-Lot had ever followed the river. They had no idea if it would lead them to Kim, Jason, and the missing Care Bears, or to nowhere at all. But the Rainbow Rescue Beam had dropped Kim, Jason, and the two Care Bears right smack in the middle of a strange new land.
Kim: Wow! This doesnít look like the Earth I remember.
Jason: Maybe weíre still in Care-A-Lot.
Friend: If this is Care-A-Lot, then someoneís been doing a little gardening since we left. Whoa! Whoa!
Kim: I canít hold on much longer!
Secret: (whispers to Friend)
Friend: Secret Bear says not to worry about falling,
Secret: (whispers to Friend)
Friend: ...worry about the lion instead.
All: Lion!!!
Kim: What are we going to do?
Friend: Close your eyes. Maybe he wonít see us. See? Heís gone.
Kim: Ohhh!!
Jason: Kim!
Brave Heart: Give me your hand. Slowly.
All: Whooooaaaaaa!!!!!
Playful Heart: Hey! They donít have any tails.
Jason: Wow! The monkey can talk.
Playful Heart: Hahaha! What happened to all your fur?
Kim: W-We never had any fur.
Brave Heart: Thatís impossible. Every monkey has fur.
Playful Heart: And who said they were monkeys? Hmmm?
Brave Heart: Well, they were up in the tree.
Playful Heart: I know! Theyíre lions with haircuts.
Kim: Weíre not lions or monkeys!
Jason: Yeah. Weíre people.
Friend: And weíre Care Bears.
Jason: Where did you come from?
Brave Heart: Why, we live here. Every one in the Forest of Feelings knows of Playful Heart Monkey and Brave Heart Lion.
Friend: Forest of Feelings?
Jason: Well, weíre from Earth.
Friend: And Care-A-Lot.
Playful Heart: Earth? Care-A-Lot? Thereís no such place.
Jason: There is too!
Brave Heart: Donít mind Playful Heart. He loves to laugh at anything. Iíve heard tales long ago about other places. What are these other places like?

(song: Home Is In Your Heart)

Brave Heart: Youíre welcome to stay in the Forest of Feelings as long as youíd like.
Friend: Thank you Brave Heart, but the sooner we leave, the better. If we donít hurry, Care-A-Lot may not be there when we get back.
Kim: We have to find a way back to Earth.
Jason: To help stop the evil spirit from taking all the feelings from everybody.
Brave Heart: Come on everybody!
Kim: Where?
Brave Heart: If there is a way out of the Forest of Feelings, weíll help you find it. This way!

(back at Earth)

Nicholas: There. The spell is cast. Now everyone in town will know the lonliness theyíve made me feel.
Book: Not quite. Look. These two small children still care very much. About everyone except you.
Nicholas: But they were to fall under my spell.
Book: Ah, but those soft little Bears shield them from your spells with their love and caring.
Nicholas: Bah! Let them go! Iím even now.
Book: Are you? What about all the others?
Nicholas: Others?
Book: All the others that you have not yet cast your spell upon. All the others that still care.
Nicholas: Iíve gotten even with the whole town. Thatís all I wanted.
Book: The others will come after you for what youíve done.
Nicholas: What should I do?
Book: You must finish it! Go on! Say it!
Nicholas: Leebo Weebo tick tock, greebo zeebo zip zap zug!
Book: This spell will seek out the children and bring them to us at any cost.
Nicholas: Isnít there another way?
Book: No. They must be taught a lesson. A lesson for the children, a lesson for the town, a lesson for everyone.
Nicholas: What do you mean everyone?
Book: Now go!
Nicholas: You said a lesson. What kind of lesson?
Book: Never mind that. You must now collect the ingredients for your next spell.

(back on the boat)

Wish: Thereís nothing ahead to tell us where we are Tenderheart.
Love-A-Lot: Bear overboard! Bear overboard! Bedtime Bear went to sleep and fell overboard. Look!
Bedtime: (snores)
Cozy Heart: Hi! I think youíve lost something.
Love-A-Lot: Oh thank you very much. Iím sure Bedtime Bear will thank you too when he wakes up.
Cozy Heart: No thanks needed. Iím Cozy Heart Penguin. Helping someone in need is what warms my heart and keeps me cozy.
Tenderheart: Ahh! Brrr. Well it must work Cozy Heart. This water is freezing!
Cozy Heart: I love it!
Tenderheart: First we have to find Kim and Jason and then--uh oh. Somethingís pulling at the wheel. Yahhh!!
Wish: Tenderheart, why are you turning here?
Tenderheart: Iím not! The boatís turning by itself.
Love-A-Lot: Weíre caught in some kind of whirlpool.
All: Whooaa!!!
Wish: Somebody do something! A rope! Throw me a rope!
Cozy Heart: Do what she says.
Wish: Quick! Guide this rope little Star.
Love-A-Lot: Oh Champ Bear! Weíre saved!
Lotsa Heart: (trumpets with trunk)
Cozy Heart: Hehehe. May I introduce the strongest, most fiercum creature in he entire Forest of Feelings. Lotsa Heart Elephant.
Lotsa Heart: Hello.
Champ: Hey, youíre a lot smaller than you sound.
Lotsa Heart: Itís true that Iím not big, but itís amazing what you can do if you really put your heart into it. (trumpets with trunk) Hehehe. Sometimes, I even startle myself.
All: (Laughing)

(back in Earth)

Nicholas: Itís not going to work. Even the spell canít defeat them.
Book: The spell was just having a little sport. The children are his true goal. Perhaps a sprinkle or toadstool mold will speed things up. HaHaHaHa!

(back in Care-a-lot)

Good Luck: Grumpy Bear! Grumpy Bear!
Grumpy Bear: (Hitís head) Ouch! Ow, ow, ow!
Good Luck: The Caring Meter is down to five. If it reaches zero, Care-A-Lot is finished!
Grumpy: And no one will care anymore.
Good Luck: Any luck fixing the Rainbow Rescue Beam?
Grumpy: I think I used up all my good luck getting this far.
Good Luck: Maybe your luckís run out, but not mine.
Grumpy: I need a piece that looks like this.
Good Luck: Whoa! Try that. Itís Baby Hugsís lollipop.
Grumpy: Perfect! You know, Baby Hugs and Tugs are gonna make fine Care Bears... one of these days.

(with first group in Forest of Feelings)

Brave Heart: You rest there, while I scout up ahead.
Playful Heart: While Brave Heartís gone, letís play a guessing game. What am I? (gasp) Sdlhhsedhfjsehrjeshtgsedjkthsedthgisdetrjiesldjtis,
Kim: Gee, I donít know.
Playful Heart: Look out!
Kim: Ahhh!
Jason: Whoa!
Kim: Let us go!
Brave Heart: Oh no! Charge!
Friend: All right! You asked for it!
Brave Heart: Let them go! Swift Heart!
Friend: Whoa!
Brave Heart: Letís get out of here! Come on Swift Heart!
Swift Heart: Iím way ahead of you.
All: (laughs)
Jason: Oh no!
Swift Heart: Thatís the most unfriendly tree Iíve ever seen.
Brave Heart: Well, thanks to you Swift Heart, weíre safe,,for now.
Friend: Thereís a serious task at hand, Swift Heart. It seems the evil spirit is after Kim and Jason.
Swift Heart: An evil spirit in the Forest of Feelings?
Brave Heart: Weíll fill you in as we go. Letís get moving.
Tenderheart: Lotsa Heart, do you think this river might lead us down to Earth?
Lotsa Heart: Well it has to go somewhere.
Tenderheart: Hang on everyone! Weíre going for a ride.
All: Whoa!!!
Lotsa Heart: Look! A cave!
Tenderheart: I canít see a thing.
Bright Heart: Steer to the left!
Tenderheart: Who said that?
Lotsa Heart: Not me.
Love-A-Lot: Neither did I
Cozy Heart: Wasnít me.
Bright Heart: It was me! I said it!
Tenderheart: Who are you?
Bright Heart: Donít ask questions. Steer left quick!
Tenderheart: Hang on everyone!
Bright Heart: Phew! That was close. You almost smashed right into a big rock!
Funshine: Look! I see light up ahead!
Tenderheart: A Raccoon? No wonder you could see in the dark.
Lotsa Heart: Not just a Raccoon. Bright Heart Raccoon.
Bright Heart: I can usually see my way through anything.
Wish: Waterfalls ahead!
Tenderheart: We better do something, quick! Care Bears!
All Bears: (whispers in a huddle)
Tenderheart: Ready? Now! ... ...Whoa!
All: Whoa!
Tenderheart: Well done, Care Bears!
Lotsa Heart: Letís hear it for the Care Bears!
All: Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!

(back with group one in Forest of Feelings)

Brave Heart: Oh no! Run!
Kim: Brave Heart!
Jason: Whoa!
Kim: Ahh!
Playful Heart: Oh no!
Jason: You okay Kim?
Kim: Jason, weíve got to run!
Jason: Where? Weíre trapped! And that bird knows it too!
Friend: We canít reach them!
Secret: (whispers to Friend)
Friend: Youíre right Secret Bear. Our only hope is a Care Bear Stare. I just hope it works. Thereís only two of us!
Secret: (signs of fight)
Friend: Right again. Weíve got to try!
Kim and Jason: Whoa!!!!
Friend: Care Bears Stare!!!
Friend: The two of us arenít enough.
Jason: Whoa!
Friend: Oh no!
Friend: Look! ...Care Bears Stare!!!
All: Yay!!!
Brave Heart: That was magnificent! Your friends arrived just in time.
Tenderheart: Jason, Kim. Youíre alright.
Kim: Thanks to our new friends.
Tenderheart: I know exactly what you mean.
Lotsa Heart: I think things will get a lot easier now that weíre together, Brave Heart.
Brave Heart: I couldnít agree with you more, Lotsa Heart. Soon youíll be out of the Forest of Feelings. Then your journey will really begin.
Kim: Oh!
Jason: Youíre not coming with us?
Brave Heart: Well, yes, if you think we could help.
Tenderheart: Glad to have you along, Ďcause we can use all the help we can get.
Brave Heart: Well, in that case, rooaaarrr!!!!
Lotsa Heart: (trumpets trunk)

(Care Bear Calling Song)

(Back on Earth)

Book: Theyíre on their way.
Nicholas: Here?
Book: Youíll be ready for them.
Nicholas: How?
Book: By completing your final spell.
Nicholas: Final spell?
Book: Yes. You must gather the elements quickly. When those two children arrive, they must be all that is left of caring in this world.
Nicholas: You donít mean...
Book: Yes! Everyone must be taught the lesson.
Nicholas: But...
Book: Donít you see Nicholas? Itís too late to stop now. You must finish what you started. Thereís no turning back, HaHaHaHaHaHa.
Nicholas: HaHaHaHaHaHa!
Mr. Cherrywood: It was hard to believe that only a short time ago this was a place of happiness and joy. Now without love to keep it alive, it had become a home of fear, loneliness and ruin. Time was running out for the Care Bears. Nicholas and the evil spirit had to be stopped before they cast their final spell.
Brave Heart: A world without caring? This doesnít look like the Earth you talked about.
Tenderheart: Weíve got to stop it before it gets worse.
Gentle Heart: I donít think this place could get any worse.
Tenderheart: Nicholas and the spirit must be around here somewhere. Weíve got to find them as quickly as possible. I suggest we split up.
Brave Heart: I agree, Tenderheart. The first ones to spot them, warn the others. Ok! Letís go get Ďem!
Tenderheart: Jason? Do you still have the key that I gave you?
Jason: Sure do.
Tenderheart: Good! Now promise me you and Kim will stay as far away from Nicholas and the spirit as you can.
Jason: But I want to help.
Tenderheart: You can help us by guarding that key.
Jason: But...
Tenderheart: If we lost that key, Jason, we can never win!
Jason: Oh, I understand Tenderheart. You can count on me.
Nicholas: HeHaHeHaHeHa... ...three apple cores. Just what I need. HeHeHaHa. One spiderís web. HaHaHaHaHa. My list is almost complete. Only a few more items, a few magic words, and presto! A world without love.
Gentle Heart: Oohhh, Love-A-Lot. Did you hear that?
Love-A-Lot: We have to get word to the others before itís too late.
Nicholas: Hmm. Letís see. Apple core. Spiderís web. Milk weed pot. Huh? HaHaHaHa. A cigar butt. I almost missed it. Now, one last thing to find.
Kids: There they go! Ahh! Uggh! Heh Heh Heh.
Playful Heart: Phew! That was close! (music starts playing)
Kim and Jason: Oh no! Run away! Oh no! Hurry up! Look out! Run away! Oh dear! Watch out!

(Song: Look Out Heís After You)

Nicholas: Huh? Icky sticky bubblegum. The last ingredient I need for my final spell. HaHaHaHaHa!! Let them try and stop me now!
Friend Bear: Swift Heart? A-Are you alright?
Swift Heart: You bet Friend Bear! It takes more than that to slow me down!
Tenderheart: Where are Kim and Jason?
Gentle Heart: Maybe theyíre hiding and are afraid to show themselves.
Tenderheart: Ok, Braveheart. You round up your friends and try to find Kim and Jason. Care Bears, follow me!
Cozy Heart: What are you going to do, Tenderheart?
Tenderheart: We have to try and get through to Nicholas!
Share: And make him believe that we really do care about him.
Love-A-Lot: And that he really cares about everyone else.
Cozy Heart: With a Care Bear Stare?
Share: Thatís right Cozy Heart.
Gentle Heart: I wish there was some way we could express our feelings like that.
Friend Bear: Thereís always a way to let otherís share your feelings, Gentle Heart. Always.
Brave Heart: Letís go! We donít have much time!
Mr. Cherrywood: It was going to take every ounce of caring the Care Bears could muster to reach Nicholas.

(back in Care-A-Lot)

Mr. Cherrywood: But as you remember, they 2 Bears short. Grumpy Bear and Good Luck Bear were still in Care-A-Lot trying to fix the Rainbow Rescue Beam... or what was left of it.
Grumpy Bear: I just need a little more time!
Good Luck Bear: Thatís the one thing we donít have. The Caring Meterís fallen to three. In no time, itíll fall to zero, and thatís the end of Care-A-Lot.
Grumpy Bear: Weíve got to get down there and help!
***Another cloud quake***

(Back on Earth)

Nicholas: Snorkle Razzle Cadiffle Rod, Billow Beelow Zing Zang Zod. Snorkle Razzle Cadiffle Rod, Beelow Billow Zing Zang Zod.
Book: Good! Now the final ingrediant! Quickly! Why are you stopping?
Nicholas: I-I-I donít want...
Book: You donít want to? You must! You canít care about anything!
Tenderheart: No!
Book: Youíve gone too far! Too far to stop! You canít stop! You are beyond it!
Tendere Heart: Nicholas! Nicholas! Nichola-
Nicholas: Youíre too late! Too late! The last spell is cast!
Tenderheart: We care about everyone. Even when they donít care about us.
Friend Bear: And right now, the one we care about most is you, Nicholas. You.
Tenderheart: Care Bears, get ready! Care Bears, Stare!!!
Book: You donít care! You donít care!
Nicholas: Now, the very last two children! YaHaHaHaHa!
Lotsa Heart: What happened in there?
Friend Bear: The Care Bear Stare didnít work!
Share: The spiritís power is too strong!
Tenderheart: Brave Heart! Where are Kim and Jason?
Brave Heart: We canít find them anywhere!
Love-A-Lot: Uh Oh! Look!
Cozy Heart: Nicholas?
Nicholas: Where are they?
Friend Bear: As long as Kim and Jason still care, his spellís not complete.
Bright Heart: You mean we can still save him?
Tenderheart: We can still save him!
Gentle Heart: But how?
Tenderheart: Just feel it! Care Bears!
Grumpy Bear: Ha! Well. What do you know? The Rainbow Rescue beam worked!
Good Luck Bear: See? We just needed a little luck.
Grumpy Bear: Looks like weíre going to need more than that.
Nicholas: Where are they? Where are you hiding the boy and girl?
Tenderheart: You donít know what youíre doing Nicholas! Listen to your heart and youíll find the truth!
Nicholas: Where are they?
Tenderheart: Care Bears! Stare!
Nicholas: HaHaHaHaHa!
Book: Too late! Theyíre too late!
Brave Heart: Tenderheartís right. We can do it, but we have to do it together.
Cozy Heart: Do what?
Brave Heart: Ok everybody, uh...
Lotsa Heart: (trumpets with trunk)
Brave Heart: Thatís it! Everybody call!
Book: No! Nicholas! Noooooo. Nooooooo.
Tenderheart: Kim! Jason! No!
Book: Itís them! The children!
Jason: Nicholas! We care about you! We used to be like you. We thought nobody cared.
Kim: But we were wrong. Now we want to be your friends, Nicholas! And make sure youíre never alone again. Believe us, Nicholas! Believe us!
Nicholas: I-I-I believe you.
Book: No, you canít. Donít do it! Stop. You donít care. He donít care. Stop. Please donít close me!!!!
Tenderheart: Jason! The key! The key!
Nicholas: I-I canít hold it much longer.
Kim: Yow!
Jason: Oh no!
Book: HaHaHaHaHa!
Tenderheart: Hold on Nicholas.
Book: Ahhhhhh!!!!
All: Hooray!!!!!
Nicholas: Thank you
Lotsa Heart: (trumpets with trunk)
Mr. Cherrywood: And so it was that the love and caring of the Care Bears, their new friends, and two children, saved the day.
Kim: I guess Care-A-lot is safe and sound again.
Jason: And as long as Care-A-Lot is safe, so is the world below it.
Nicholas: Mr. Fettuccini! I almost forgot. Heís still under that sleeping spell.
Fettuccini: Itís showtime!!!
Nicholas: M-Mr. Fettuccini! Iím sorry.
Fettuccini: Nicholas, I just had the most wonderful dream. I dreamed I changed my poster. So thatís what Iím going to do. Now it will read: Fettuccini and Nicholas! So what do you say? A partnership.
Nicholas: A par-par...
Fettuccini: Oh alright. Nicholas and Fettuccini.
Nicholas: Oh thank you so much! You wonít be disappointed! I promise! I canít believe this! And I owe it all to the Care Bears!
Fettuccini: To who?
Nicholas: The uh, uh, er, um, friends. Friends. Mr. Fettuccini. Just friends.
Fettuccini: Haha! Friends! Thatís what itís all about, Nicholas my boy! Thatís what itís all about!
Mr. Cherrywood: No matter what happened, Nicholas now knew that someone would be watching over him at all times. But most of all, Nicholas learned that the best way to make friends, is to be a friend yourself.
Fettuccini: (laughing)
Tenderheart: Our friends from the Forest of Feelings have proven to everyone that there is always a way to show that you care. So the purpose of this festive occasion is to let all bear witness the inaugeration of our friends into the Care Bear Family.

(Song: Care Bear Family)

(Back on Earth)

Nicholas: And now, the amazing Nicholas will pull a dove out if his hat.
Fettuccini: Thatís my boy. Bravo Nicki! Bravo! Bravo Nicki Bravo!
Kim: Hey Jason, arenít parents great?
Jason: Yeah.
Mr. Cherrywood: And so, Kim and Jason found the parents they wanted so very much and lived happily ever after.
Mrs Cherrywood: And a fine story that was, Mr. Cherrywood.
Mr. Cherrywood: My favorite, Mrs. Cherrywood. But they never stay awake long enough for the end. (yawns) Now theyíll never know who eventually became Nicholas. I guess all they need to know is that he too, lived happily ever after. Happier than I ever thought I could be.
Mrs. Cherrywood: Nicholas. These children shouldíve been in bed ages ago. What am I ever going to do with you?
Mr. Cherrywood: Care for me Mrs. Cheerywood. Just care for me.
Tenderheart: Hehe.

The End
(Care-A-Lot Theme)

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