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Kudos and Much Thanks

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I feel I must give both Kudos and much thanks to Stefanol, who gave me a very nice gift for my collection on Nov. 28th, 2008:

And Stefanol's farewell post on the PP Forums:

"y hello thar. Time has come for me. I am leaving. I must say, those nearly 7 months here have been fun ride. But, the fun has ended for me, and it's time to move on. Therefore, I leave, at least the adoptable part of this site (which is essential for this community). I will still be sometimes here, or there, to chat with old friends. I'd like to thank both Cyde, and Steen. You made an amazing piece of work. Even though I did not agree with some of your ideas and inventions, I still appreciate the time you put into this community. As I said, it brought me endless hours of amusement; trading adoptables, in order to get them all. Homever, it has ended for me - I no longer feel any need to collect them - so I am quitting - just like I quitted D/P event collecting in april. I wish the best luck to whole Pokeplushies community. All my adoptables won't be left on my account. Some will travel to my friends, the rest is going to random contests I plan to host. Stay tuned. And for now, farewell."