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The pages listed below display my many extra adoptables. Since you are probably only here to consider trading with me, here are my personal trading rules:
  1. I will only trade adoptables listed on these Extras Pages. The rest of my museum is NOT for trade, ever.
  2. I prefer to trade for adoptables on My Wishlist, but I also consider offers of rare and semi-rare adoptables such as Cylins, Chao, Promos, etc.
  3. Once we make a trade, please don't ask to trade-back.

Without further ado, I present my Extras Pages:

Promos & Handlers | Pokirbies | Current Cashies | Retired Cashies

Monthlies: Shiny/Medaled, 2008:Jan-Mar, 2008:May-Jul, 2008:Sept-Oct

Mutant/Division Dinomon | Dinomon

Flyffs: Aibatt/Wagsaac, Glaphan/Mushpang, Leyena/Doridoma, GiggleBoxes/Chimeradons