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This Gallery shows my Trainer Card Contest entries, as well as the grades and comments I've received. The newest cards are at the top.

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TC Contest Results
(As Of Contest #29)

Total Points Earned: 108
Placed (@ 4 pnts each): 23 times
Entered but did NOT place (@ 1 pt each): 3 Times
Did NOT enter (@ 0 pnts): 3 Times
Template Contest (@ 3 pnts 1st, 1 pnt ea. after): 13 points (11 picked)

Points Remaining: 53
(Total Points minus 55: 20 for my 1st Promo & 35 for my 2nd.)

Promos Claimed: 2

(Salamence and Garchomp)

Next Promo At: 45 Points

My Top 5 Favorite TCs I've Done

Trainer Card Contest #28 - Halloween Theme

With a Candy Subtheme

Grade: A (Second Place)
I like the over all colour scheme, certaintly refreshing from all the emo-ness and sad of all the other cards. The Roselia's flower became a blotch of purple with the recolouring of the lines as did the Exeggutor (sp?) became rather flat when recoloured =/

My Responce:
Well, I kinda waited until the last minute to do this card and then had only half an hour to do it before the competition was to close... So instead of doing "real" recolors, I used a Hue/Sat tool to recolor all 6 and the trainer in under 5 minutes. Procrastination FTL (or FTW, depending on how you look at it)...

Trainer Card Contest #27 - Cyde the Magical Pink Caterpie Theme

With a Bug to Butterfly Subtheme

Grade: A (Second Place)
I like the template, its nice and cute. But I dont like the Badges being slightly Tansluecent and pushed so far out of view. Also the Top sectional with the Stars, it seems so randomly thrown on top.

My Responce:
o.o ... Just don't ever ask me to explain the grades (or why this card is almost a letter grade better than my previous one) because I have no clue. As for the translucent badges...

Not translucent at all, but I can see how someone might think that they are. They do happen to blend well with the BG. ^.^

The grade I would have given it: B
The template is cute, and the trainer recolor turned out well. However, the stars are not centered or arranged in any organized pattern, the yellow badges don't stand out, and the name is too small to be seen easily. Also the pink in the foreground and part of the background makes the card look uneven.

Trainer Card Contest #25 - Mythology Theme

With a Native American Fables Subtheme

Grade: B+
My eyes cant focus on one part of the card, its way too busy. And putting those pokemon right on top of each other, when they are the exact same colours, takes away from the appeal, and the blend together. The trainer is really nice though, I never thought of using Gaia as a resource for trainers. And the Recolours ARE very nice

My Responce:
Ah, the "busy" issue reimerges. I won't claim to know what makes a card "busy", but oh well. I only needed 1 point for my next Dragon Promo anyway... The only dissapointing thing is the amount of time that trainer took to make. I may not enter any of the future TC Contests that require a custom trainer. They take *FAR* too long to do well, and there's no guarantee that the grade will be worth the time spent. The trainer on this card alone took me longer to make than creating the last 2 TCs put together. The last 2 cards placed (a total of 8 points), while this one came away with 1 point. It's dissapointing, but at least I get another Dragon.

The grade I would have given it: A
The fire and water theme came out well, and the trainer looks very good. However, the background gradient should have been constricted more to show less purple and more blue and red. Also, the words "Trainer Card" are hard to read. They would have looked better in black to match the "badge holders". Lastly, changing the top Pokemon to be slightly different shades than the bottom ones would have helped them to stand out a bit more.

Trainer Card Contest #23 - Video Game Theme

Mia the Water Adept from the frozen city of Imil with six Water-Ice type Pokemon. The character comes from from the Golden Sun game series for the Game Boy Advanced (which game system the card is shaped to look like).

Grade: A+ (First Place)
*sigh* still getting A+ I see? -_- Don't you EVER stop excelling?? Ok, but seriously. Im in love with this card and that trainer xD

Trainer Card Contest #22 - Legendary Trio Theme

The Warm Legendary Mascot Trio from Gold, Ruby, and Pearl, and the Cool Legendary Mascot Trio from Silver, Sapphire, and Diamond

Grade: A (Second Place)
The recolors aren't bad and I like the theme. The gradient on the border of the card is spiffy, too.

Trainer Card Contest #21 - Seasons Theme

Skiing in a Winter Wonderland... :P

Grade: A+ (First Place)
I like the recolors and the fact that they were all variations of one color is pretty cool. I wonder, though, is there a theme to the pokemon you chose?

My Responce:
Nope, there was no theme to the Pokemon team. I just picked ones that I thought the recolor would look good on. =3

Trainer Card Contest #20 - Magic Theme

"Young Wizards" by Diane Duane = Quag's Favorite Book Series

Grade: A+ (First Place)
I love the theme behind this. I'm going to have to go read that at some point. I love your constant creativity, Quag.

My Responce:
Awww, such a nice thing to say! And yes, everyone should go read the Young Wizards series, says the Quag! XD

Trainer Card Contest #19 - Ghost Theme

Ghosts = Pac Man. Why? I don't know, that's just how the Quag's mind works. :P

Grade: A+ (First Place)
This is so cool. I love the Pac Man theme!

Trainer Card Contest #18 - Gemstone Theme

Opals... so soft and creamy. :) This was a theme that I chose, since I've earned 10 first place trophies from my cards.

Grade: A+ (First Place)
I love the template the recolors. :)

Trainer Card Contest - Template Contest
This was a contest to make templates to be posted in the resources section of the Trainer Card Contest. I made an entry for each Pokemon type, each with quick sample cards, so I'm going to show them off here. (My Entries) The templates that were chosen are marked with a .

Entry #1: Steelplate

Entry #2: Bubbles

Entry #3: Gemstones

Entry #4: Darkraising

Entry #5: Sunset

Entry #6: Flower

Entry #7: Ice Blocks

Entry #8: Hearts

Entry #9: Butterfly

Entry #10: Scales

Entry #11: Clouds

Entry #12: Pirates

Entry #13: Pyramids

Entry #14: Atomic

Entry #15: POW!

Entry #16: Literacy

Entry #17: Tombstone

Other Entries (From Other Cards I've Done)

Trainer Card Contest #17 - Zodiac Theme

Maplestory Horoscope outfit and starry goodness FTW. :P

Grade: A (Second Place)
So much yellow. O_o The bag of stardust is a nice touch. Still a lot to focus on, though.

Trainer Card Contest #16 - Sweets Theme

Marzipan *nom* =3

Grade: A (Second Place)
Well....I really don't know what a Marzipan but they sound....interesting. The pokemon boxes are really pixelated which doesn't look good and distracts from the Pokemon. The recolours are good and I like the trainer. Light brown is really her colour ;D

My Responce:
Well, not too bad for a card made using computer border-finder tools. It takes a tiny fraction of the time to do (compared to hand-drawing the border), and the grading result is nearly the same. Overall, I was pleased with how well this one did.

Trainer Card Contest #15 - Division Theme

No real theme... (Except the name Marco, which I took from the Animorphs book series)

Grade: B
The recolors are bright (lots of white) and I don't quite see where the stars come from.

My Responce:
I didn't expect much anyway. I was mad about my Sakura and didn't even try very hard. (This was a 30-minute card.) As for the stars, Serebii.net explains the stars on Pokemon Trainer Cards.

Trainer Card Contest #14 - Cheerful Theme

Sakura (Cardcaptors) Subtheme with Pokemon boxes that form a cherry blossom (Sakura means cherry blossom) and hand-painted sprites for Sakura and Kero. How cute! :)

Grade: B+
I like the theme you chose and the recolors are all really good. Kero is a little hard to see and the badges in the top left seem to be randomly placed there. The idea of a book shaped card is really awesome although I didn't see it at first. Overall, the card looks a little crowded.

My Responce:
I was very dissappointed in how this card did, and it just came down to a difference of opinion artistically. Essentially, I got docked for the very things I was trying to put into the card. I did, however, decide that there will be *NO* more hand-painted trainer sprites (unless it is specifically required). I am also less committed to making my cards perfect than I was before, since all of that doesn't seem to count at all. This is why the cards after this one tend to be less fancy than those that came before it.

Trainer Card Contest #13 - Revamp Theme

Mythbusters Subtheme featuring Pokemon (from the original 150) who learn the move "Explosion". XD

Grade: A+ (First Place)
This is awesome! All the recolors are really good and I love the Mythbusters theme!

Trainer Card Contest #12 - Starter Theme

A Moon Princess Subtheme (from Sailor Moon) showing Princess Serena and the seven Rainbow Crystals that combine to form the Silver Imperium Crystal.

Grade: A+ (First Place)
I love the mudkipz.

Trainer Card Contest #11 - Electric Theme

Louie the Lightning Bug does Pokemon. :)

Grade: A+ (First Place)
I love the recolors and the lightbulb pokemon boxes. You chose an.. interesting trainer, though. XD

Trainer Card Contest #10 - Interview Theme

A Sailor Saturn (from Sailor Moon) Trainer Card made after interviewing GarnetPrincess

Grade: A+ (First Place)
Did i ever say how much I love you? LOl The sailor moon trainer is just WOW and yay you used my badges!! ^_^

Trainer Card Contest #9 - Baby Theme

The Care Bears! Yay! ^.^

Grade: A+ (First Place)
No grading comments were given on my card.

Trainer Card Contest #8 - Pokemon Theme

What kind of a self-respecting Quag would I be if I did not do a Quagsire card? ;)

Grade: A (First Place)
LMFAO Wooper is in his little happy bubble! I love it, except the Gastrodan recolour. BUT, i see how much you love this card, and loving your OWN artwork is what matters the most. So im giving you an A+ Congrats on having your favorite card made. *happy bubble*

Trainer Card Contest #7 - Legendaries Theme

Yes, the trainer was going to be Serafina Pekkala, but her name wouldn't fit, and I was too lazy to hand-paint a sprite for this one. :)

Grade: A+ (First Place)
I expected nothing less ^_^ and going by what LOOKS good is good. The cuts are just fine! IMO Mew could be down by like...2 pixels so it looks like it's staring more at Azelf's face but no foul :D The 2nd badge recolour looks really random and out there. All the badges are a nice gold and then the 2nd is orange. I <3 you recolours celebi is always fun to recolour and ::mostly:: turns out good. Where Does the name come from? Also could you message me your templates (cleared of course) with codes, i would like to display them in the resource section ^_^

Trainer Card Contest #6 - Free Round

Blue... happy blue... :P

Grade: A (Second Place)
I love the light blueness. But the corsola and ponyta look like they are being pushed together. I love the circled pokemon. Also the 5th badge (forgot the name) is too dark and stand out compared to the rest

Trainer Card Contest #5 - Gym Leader Theme

The card I made while writing my TC Tutorial and learning how to use a new graphics program (Paint.net).

Grade: A- (Third Place)
Gradeing comments were not given in this contest. Yoshi merely released the names and grades of those who placed.

Trainer Card Contest #4 - Movie Theme

Yes, I hand-painted the Festival Maiden (Melody) sprite myself. :D

Grade: A+ (First Place)
Only one mistake. And that is the Moltres Cut. But I see where you trying to go with it, getting the face in the center. I’ll excuse it ^_^ Very pretty…….Very pretty indeed.

Trainer Card Contest #3 - Eevee Theme

Yummy, chocolatey goodness...

Grade: A (First Place)
The soft colors on the card are nice and all the pokemon recolors are very nice. The trainer recolor is quite good, too. However, some of the cuts are off.

Trainer Card Contest #2 - Promo Theme

A promo Dragons card

Grade: B (Third Place)
It's kind of plain.... The BG looks to blan. I can tell there are stars but not enough :/ BUT I simply adore the transparency of the pokemon. And the text works well.

Trainer Card Contest #1 - Purple Theme

My first Trainer Card... Awww... :)

Grade: A (First Place)
WOW Just 2 mistakes short of an A+!! The name and Mudkip/kingdra cuts! OMG I LOVE THIS!! So soft, and smooth. I like how you over-layed the Symbols great though! Wow...just wow.. Almost breath-taking AMAZING JOB! I want to see more of your work! KEEP ENTERING!