HTML Basics

This is a page of HTML with default colors. Pretty plain, huh? Anyway, I'm going to start with some basic tags to use. These can be entered in shops and guild on Neopets, but do not stand alone. I'll tell you how to make the webpage a little further down.

Here are some basic text editing tags
Type HTML Result
Underlining Text <u>This Text gets underlined!</u> This Text gets underlined!
Bolding Text <b>This Text gets bolded!</b> This Text gets bolded!
Italicizing Text <i>This Text gets italicized!</i> This Text gets italicized!
Linking Text <a href="URL">This Text shows for link!</a> This Text shows for link! *
Teal Text <font color="teal">This Text will be teal!</font> This Text is teal! **
Text Font <font face="courier new">This Text will be in the font Courier New!</font> This Text is in the font Courier New! ***
Size 1 Text <font size="1">This Text will be Font Size 1!</font> This Text is Font Size 1!
Size 2 Text <font size="2">This Text will be Font Size 2!</font> This Text is Font Size 2!
Size 3 Text <font size="3">This Text will be Font Size 3!</font> This Text is Font Size 3!
Size 4 Text <font size="4">This Text will be Font Size 4!</font> This Text is Font Size 4!
Size 5 Text <font size="5">This Text will be Font Size 5!</font> This Text is Font Size 5!
Size 6 Text <font size="6">This Text will be Font Size 6!</font> This Text is Font Size 6!
Size 7 Text <font size="7">This Text will be Font Size 7!</font> This Text is Font Size 7!

* - You must enter a URL inside the quotes for the text to lead anywhere. An URL is like: (which goes to Neopets) or (which goes to my personal webpage). You must enter it exactly for it to work.

** - Other colors you can substitue are: Red, Magenta, Orange, Gold, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, White, Gray, and Pink. There are many more, but this should be enough for your first project.

*** - Some other popular fonts are: Times New Roman, Arial (what this page is written in), and Courier New. There are many, many more, however. Experiment as you like.

Now for adding pictures. To add a picture, you must know the web address, meaning it must be loaded to a webpage somewhere for all to see. (Be careful when using Angelfire on this. They prevent remote linking to images. Stinks, don't it?)

Anyway, to link to a picture once you know the URL, simply use this:

<img src="Picture URL">


Note: You can combine this with linking text. You can link an imag to something by doing this:

<a href="Link URL"> <img src="Picture URL"> </a>


Misc. Tags - These are other tags you'll need.

<BR> - BReak line - Goes to the next line. Use for putting space between picts.

<P> - new Paragraph - Creates a new paragraph.

<HR> - Horizontal Rule (line) - Creates a horizontal divider line.

Page Tags - In order for a page to be self sustaining, it must have a certain set of tags.

At the top, it must have this: <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE> Title of Page Goes Here! </TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY>

At the bottom, it should have this (It will still run without it, though): </BODY> </HTML>

Well, those are the basics. I hope they help.

Now, you can go back to or visit me on Neopets. :)