(April 23rd, 2012)

Every Sunday (health permitting) I try to set aside a block of time for listening to the scriptures (including the words of the prophets) while playing Minecraft. The mindless creativity of Minecraft coupled with the deep truths of scripture create a zen-like state that helps to relax me for the whole week. For those familiar with Minecraft, I always play on Survival Mode, and these structures were created entirely in Survival Mode. Creative Mode is just too easy. :)

First, I'll show you my castle. Greg calls it a dormatory. I call it Shinewater Palace.

This is the view from the village road that leads into the main gates. As you can see, the secondary outer wall isn't done yet, but the cactus and fire ring surrounds the castle completely, to keep out spiders. I *really* don't like spiders (and my castle has an open-air roof). To either side, you can see the guard towers...

And this is what those guard towers look like from inside (in this case looking down at the village from a 2nd story tower window).

Welcome to the highest diving platform in the castle! It offers an excellent view of the river flowing through the center, as well the main staircase. Villagers gather along one wall and several golems make their home in the river (I suppose they are guarding us from the squid...).

If you took a flying leap off of the diving board, this is what you'd see (and this shows why the river shines at night).

Now, on to my Rainbow Sheep Farm:

This is the view from one of the walkways over the sheep pens. Overhead is the glass ceiling and, beyond that, the underside of the Rainbow Road.

This view, taken from one of the walkways, shows the spacious color pens and the many sheep living there (in this case, purple sheep).

This is the large "intake pen", or white sheep pen. These sheep actually regrow their wool faster than I can sheer it. The chests hold leftovers from digging out the underground pens and glass ceilings. Those byproducts will be used to build the Rainbow Road, among other things.

Here we have an overhead view of the Rainbow Sheep Farm with the snow-covered Rianbow Road ahead of us. The local hills were sloped to give a better view and more light to the sheep pens. In the distance, you can see the cave the Rianbow Road cuts through the mountains.

The Sheep Farm world is actually quite massive, with structures all over the place, but the Sheep Farm is the best part, in my opinion. I hope you've enjoyed this guided tour of my Minecrafting, and I wish all those who play Minecraft the best of luck with their Minecrafting! :)


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